How to Save PDF as PNG

August 12, 2022 |

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How to Save PDF as PNG
In this article, you will learn:
  1. Steps to Save PDF as PNG

  2. Tip: Save PDF as PNG without Opening the File

  3. Conclusion

How do I save a PDF as a PNG? Every designer or creative worker should be able to answer that question. You'll be shocked at how many other professions truly lack the knowledge necessary to save a PDF in a PNG or other image format. Using the flexible PDF editor Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, this article demonstrates two ways to save a PDF as a PNG file. You may rapidly export PDF to PNG with this practical utility on both Windows and Mac. Here are two distinct approaches to carry out the task.

Steps to Save PDF as PNG

Using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, open the PDF file, and then save it as a PNG. The procedure saves the document to the folder of your choice as a.png file. The software has a very user-friendly design, so even beginners will find it quite simple to use. Both Windows and Mac can run the software. You may test it out on your PC by downloading it for free. The steps to be replicated are as follows:

Step1. Open PDF

In the main window, click on "Open File". This will take you to an Explorer window, where you can navigate to your PDF file and open it by clicking "Open".


Step2. Click "To Image"

The next step is to go to the "Convert" tab on top and select "To Image" as your conversion option in the toolbar under it.


Step3. Save PDF as PNG

A "Save As" window will open, where you can select the output location and the output format, which should be "Image Files (*.png)". Hit "Save" when you're done and the file will automatically be converted and saved as a .png file.


Tip: Save PDF as PNG without Opening the File

Additionally, PDFelement offers an even simpler approach to save PDF as PNG without even manually opening the file. This procedure is described in the next technique.

Use the "Convert PDF" module found in the main welcome window, as seen in the screenshot below, to convert the file directly:

You can choose the source PDF file in Explorer's Open window after doing this. Select it, then click "Open." It will also launch the "Save As" window in Explorer rather than just opening the file in PDFelement. As with the previous technique, you can now select your desired output folder and file type, which must be "Image Files (*.png)."



WPS Office PDF Editor also offers a whole range of amazing PDF features that you can use to increase your workflow productivity and efficiency. Some of the key features are discussed in the final section below.

  • PDF editing. WPS Office offers the best of both worlds - functionality, and affordability. Using WPS Office gives you full control over everything in your PDF file.
  • Creation and conversion. WPS Office gives you a comprehensive toolkit for creating PDFs from different file types and converting PDFs into a dozen other file formats. 
  • Extensive markup tools allow you to review, annotate, and comment on PDF documents to facilitate clear communication between collaborators. 
  • Robust security features for PDF include file encryption with password-based access and permission restrictions. 
  • You can create interactive PDF forms from ready-to-use templates or scratch, convert Word and other form types to fillable PDFs, extract form data, do form field recognition, and do a lot of other tasks. 
  • OCR and batch process features let you convert scanned PDFs into editable ones, and process PDF files in bulk. Batch processes include file conversion, encryption, watermarking, etc.
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