How to Save PDF Documents as Word

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You may have heard of converting word documents into PDF, but what about converting a PDF document into a word file?

It is not as common, but it does happen. Sometimes, it is necessary to do so to view or edit them. With the help of WPS, we'll show you how to convert a PDF document into Word, step-by-step.

How to Convert PDF Documents to Word with WPS Office

There are two ways to convert a PDF file into a word format through WPS. Both are free and beginner-friendly.

The first method uses the WPS Office program. Here are the steps to converting your document:

  1. Launch WPS Office.

  2. Open the PDF file.

  3. In the right pane, select Export PDF.

  4. In the dropdown list, choose Word Document.

  5. Click the Export button.

  6. Select a file location.

  7. Type in the file name.

  8. Click Save.

To edit the document you just saved, you can just select Edit in the toolbar at the top.

How to Convert PDF to Word with Online Converter

If you have a network connection, you also have the option to convert your file online through the WPS website. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the official page.

2. Click Select PDF file.

3. Choose the file you need.

4. Select your preferred word file format.

5. Click Start.

6. Wait for the conversion to finish.

7. Once the process is done, you can choose whether to download it, preview the document, or upload the file to Dropbox.

Benefits of Saving PDF Documents as Word

There are various reasons why someone would want to have access to a Word file version of a PDF document:

Not Owning A PDF Reader

The most common reason is the lack of a PDF reader. This means someone is unable to access a document in PDF form. People typically have a higher chance of having a word processor program than a PDF reader.

Editing the Document

While editing is also possible in PDF applications, it is easier with a word processor. Word processors have more tools that allow for complex editing, formatting, and visual aid integration.


Files in document format are more compatible with programs that allow for collaborative work, whether independently or through the cloud.

Saving Space

Document file formats are generally smaller in size than PDF files. Saving storage space in the device is a practical reason for someone to prefer word format over PDF documents.


Some specialized apps and programs rely on word format to function. For example, screen reader apps for children or people with sight impairments only work with texts in the word format.

Using Tips: How to Crop PDF Documents

Sometimes your PDF may contain items that you think are unnecessary or should be kept confidential. However, a certain portion needs to be printed or shared. In that case, you can crop your document to remove a PDF segment. Here's how:

  1. Open the PDF file on WPS Office.

  2. Go to the Edit tab.

  3. Select Crop Page.

  4. Buttons will appear on the right side of the document. Select the cropping method from the first three buttons starting from the top. These methods are:

  5. Auto Cropping - automatically crops the document

  6. Custom Cropping - lets you manually set the cropping area

  7. Page Selecting - lets you choose the page range that will be cropped

  8. Once finished with the changes, click Complete.

FAQs on How to Save PDF Documents as Word

Is WPS Office usable offline?

All downloaded WPS Office programs can be used even without an internet connection.

Can I add watermarks to my file?

You can add watermarks if you have a premium subscription to WPS.

How do I use templates from WPS?

The WPS website has hundreds of free templates. Once downloaded, you can open them directly from the WPS Office program.

Deliver Results with WPS Office

Converting files from one format to another is easy and free with WPS Office, whether online or offline. With this, access, edit, and share any document with only a few clicks of your mouse. Access, editing, and composition are all possible with WPS Office. Its Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and PDF are all free to use offline and beginner-friendly.

A wide library of tutorials and templates is available to help users create and edit high-quality files and presentations.

To download on Windows, Mac, or Linux, visit the official site and click on Free Download.

To download on Android or iOS, search for WPS Office on the Play Store or App Store and tap Download.

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