How to Sort and Delete Pages from PDF on Windows 10 for free in 2022

July 31, 2023761 views

If you want to sort and delete pages from pdf, so you can be doing it with Pdf software, applications, and online pdf tools' websites. The pdf document is a set of pages, and for maintaining the structure of the document we have to order pages step by step. Here you will know how to sort pdf pages to make it pdf well-structured and also you will read the way of deleting unwanted pdf pages.

Sort and Delete PDF Pages on windows 10 with Pdf2go:

Sorting pdf pages becomes necessary when we have a document that won't be in the flow. But sorting isn't possible with only pdf documents, you have to use the pdf editor tool for doing it. We provide you the best step-by-step guide to sorting and deleting pages from pdf, by following that you can perform editing in your pdf easily.

What is PDF2GO:


It is an online pdf tools provider, by using it you can easily convert pdf, compress, split, merge, edit, protect, and unlock secure pdf documents and much more. It is completely free and safe to use and supports multiple formats like word docs, excel sheets, ppt presentations, jpg, etc.


Sort Pdf Pages:

  • For sorting pdf pages, firstly open the website of PDF2GO.
  • Then, see the "edit pdf" column, There is an option for “Sort And Delete PDF Pages”, click it.
  • After that upload your pdf file by using any option, after that a new window open on the screen
  • You can use options that appear at the top bar for sorting and reordering pages and also you can change the position of pages manually by drag and drop.

Delete Pdf Pages:

  • All the pages of pdf will be displayed on the screen, move your click on the page you want to delete.
  • And click “cross”, and when you save your pdf document, it will remove from the document.

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If You Don't Have PDF2GO You Can Use WPS Office:

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Final Words:

Written by MaWriter, a professional article writer who has written various informative articles and blogs related to software and has experience using multiple pdf tools. Pdf formatted document is can be only used for viewing, reading, and printing document, and for making changes in it or editing purposes we use pdf tools. We provide you the best and most high-quality numerous pdf tools you can easily use them for free by visiting our website.

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