How to Split PDF on Mac in 2022: 3 Best Ways

July 31, 2023990 views

We are much more likely to perform on PDF files because it is the general file format with high protection and versatility to present digital content. However, when we face large PDFs or need to assign exact pages of a PDF to different members for cooperation, we will have to split PDF pages. In order to manage PDF files smoothly, you may occasionally need to split them into smaller pieces. The subject of how to split a PDF on Mac working systems now appears. We often need to split a PDF when dealing with huge PDFs or when we need to select individual pages of a PDF for other people to experience. In today’s article, I will mention how to do this using the WPS tool and some alternate ways.

This article will introduce 3 ways to split PDF pages between Mac. We will learn how to split PDFs into individual or multiple files with Preview, Automator, and Adobe Acrobat.

1-Split PDF Pages on Mac in WPS Office

While working on different file formats with WPS Office we rely on its PDF tools as WPS Office has all-in-one solutions for any PDF files. WPS Office is very useful for students, teachers, professionals, and team members. Splitting PDF files is easy when you have the right tool at right time. Here we see the following steps on how to split PDF with WPS Office.

Open WPS Office to split a PDF between Mac.

Go to Edit menu > split page

You can split PDF pages with all pages or custom-selected pages.


You can choose your selected file like we selected 3-5, 1, 2-8, formats. That means you can select a single page or multiple pages to split.

Press the Split button to export the file.


2-Use Mac Preview to Split PDF on Mac

  • Open the PDF file in Preview to split a PDF.
  • Go to the thumbnails of pages you want to split on mac. It can be a single page or multiple pages for the users.
  • You can Drag and drop the thumbnails of selected PDF pages to your desktop or a folder. Your PDF will be partly split.
  • Then choose other pages, and drag and drop them to the output folder to complete the splitting.


3-Split PDF Pages on Mac in Adobe Acrobat


  • Open the PDF in Acrobat on your mac.
  • Choose “Organize Pages” > “Split.”
  • Choose a single file or multiple files to split a PDF.
  • Click “Output Options” to choose where to save, what to name the file, and how to split your file
  • Click “OK” and then “Split” to complete. You can use more PDF tools to extract pages or delete pages.
  • Add the file name to your PDF file and click the “Save” button. That’s it.

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We have many more prospects to split a PDF file, each option suggests different settings to split PDF pages. If you work on PDFs very often, install a professional tool kit like Adobe acrobat, mac preview, and other tools on your mac for more PDF tasks. In the case that you prefer web tools for PDF splitting, don't update your private file as web tools are not safe always for your mac. WPS Office has a 7-day free trial for not using credit cards and windows users can download free from my given link here and enjoy all the features.

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