Use WPS PDF to Turn PDF into Excel

Converting PDFs into Excel sheets seems challenging, but it’s quite easy when done with the right resources. You only have to follow a 7 step process with visual representation/screenshots to help you understand how to turn PDF into Excel for free.

We are going to use WPS PDF to provide examples of the process of converting PDF to Excel.

Read on and follow the screenshots when you are turning PDF to Excel.

Use WPS PDF to Turn PDF into Excel

WPS Office is the best tool for beginners and experts who use PDFs, Word docs, and Excel sheets. Users follow simple steps to convert or edit their files with quick results online and offline. You can use it if you have Windows, Mac, or even smartphones.

Step1: Install WPS Office

WPS Office is a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to learn how to turn PDF into Excel. Hence, you must install it for free.

Step2: Click PDF in the WPS Office

Once you have downloaded the software, you can go to the Home tab and Click ‘PDF,’ where you can learn how to turn PDF into Excel in less than 5 minutes.


Step3: Add Files

Right after you click ‘PDF to Excel,’ a window will open and allow you to add files you want to convert.


Click open once you have uploaded your files for the conversion.

Step4: Start Conversion

When you have uploaded or added your files for conversion, click ‘Start; as the following step.


As soon as you click ‘Start,’ the PDF to Excel conversion will begin instantly.


This is the last step to learning how to turn PDF into Excel. You will get a notification that your Excel file is ready and can use it.

This is where we will wind up our lesson for turning PDF into Excel using WPS for free.


Learning how to turn PDF into Excel is essential in 2022 as most companies are still dealing with post-pandemic work from home culture. It not only helps users to sort their data, but it’s important to use a robust tool to do these tasks, and the WPS office will not disappoint you in this case.

If you want to download the WPS office suite now, you can click this link and get your office suite in a few moments!