How to Unlock pdf for editing

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As part of your research, you were given a PDF file. You attempted to access the content, but PDF is password protected. Therefore, a user who lacks an authentic password will look up how to unlock a PDF for password-free editing. An automated program is the quickest way to open protected PDF files. Users password-protect the PDF data file to ensure the security of their sensitive information. So no unauthorized persons will be able to access the PDF files. You've got all the solutions to this problem right here. But first, it's important to gain a deeper comprehension of PDF passwords.

Steps to Unlock pdf for editing

A complete PDF editor with great functionality on an intuitive and user-friendly interface is PDFelement. You may print, mark up, annotate, and secure PDF files using PDFelement. It can also be used to add digital signatures and do OCR. Naturally, you can use it to unlock PDF so that you can edit it. Below are the steps.

Step1. Open PDF File

After setting up PDFelement. You must click "Open Files" and then choose the PDF file you want to unlock for editing to begin opening it. You can also drag and drop the PDF document you want to unlock and edit. You must enter the open password to access PDF files that are protected with open passwords.


Step2. Enter Permission Password

An owner password, sometimes known as a permission password, is used to secure some PDF files. Before altering a PDF file, the permission password must be entered. You can enter the password for the authorization by clicking "Enable editing."


Step3. Edit PDF File

Using PDFelement, you can edit the document once the encrypted PDF file has been decrypted. With PDFelement, you can easily edit text and paragraphs. You can also easily edit images by copying, pasting, changing, adding, or removing them from your PDF file. You can alter the pages using PDFelement by cropping, extracting, dividing, or replacing them. Boxes and page labels can also be added. You can add links and remove the watermarks from your PDF file to direct readers to additional reading. You can underline, highlight, and annotate your PDF file to grab the attention of your audience. The PDF file can also be converted to your favourite file format, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.


Step4. Save PDF

To save PDF, click on "File", and a pop-up window will appear prompting you to save. Select the "Save As" or "Save" option, then the PDF will be saved to your computer.



In the situation of unlocking a PDF WPS Office is very useful and easy to use, if the user wants to know how to unlock a PDF for editing without a password. You can easily unlock secured PDF files using WPS Office features.

If a user has a single page requirement then Google chrome or Google Drive or screenshot are sufficient for one-time use. But for multiple files and large-sized files, WPS Office is recommended.

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