How to Upload PDF to Kindle

July 31, 2023763 views

How can PDF files be uploaded to Kindle? Yes, we are referring to PDF file uploads to Kindle. Your PDF files can be magically transformed by a Kindle, including having the font size you choose, having the annotations explained, having the back screen be as bright as you need, and having the voice be whispery. You may successfully upload PDF files to the Kindle app if you follow this tutorial.

How to Send PDF to a Kindle via Email

This method comes in handy for devices that don’t support the transfer of files to a Kindle account directly via USB. For this method, you need to follow the steps below.

Know Your File Type

To send a kindle to PDF successfully, you have to ensure your file is a PDF, and it must be compatible with Kindle too. This is not the time to guess. However, it’s easy to know your file format. When the file opens on your computer, do the following:


Right click and select “Properties.”



You’ll see the file type and know whether compatible or not.


There are various methods for converting a file if it isn't in PDF format. Using a PDF converter program is easiest. You may convert different file formats to PDFs using this. Online versions of the utility are available in both free and paid editions. You can move on to the following step if you've established that your file type is PDF.

PDF to Kindle Find Your Kindle Email Address

You need your Kindle email address to send a PDF to your Amazon device. This might seem easy, but your Kindle has a bespoke email address that you may not know. Follow these steps to find it:


Go to “Account and Lists” on the top right of the Amazon home page.



From the drop-down menu, select “Content and Devices.”



Then, choose “Manage Your Content and Devices.”



Select “Devices.”



Scroll down to “Amazon apps installed on devices” then click the Kindle app.



Under “Installed on Devices”, you will see your device’s information summary. This is where you will find your Kindle email address.


What if You Have Multiple Kindle devices?

Each device has a Kindle email address associated with it, even if they’re registered with one Kindle account. We recommend you save the email address somewhere you can easily find it, as you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding your Kindle email every time.

Approving Your Email Address

You can’t just use any email to send your PDF to your Kindle. It must be approved so that when Kindle receives the file from the address, it knows what to do with it. Ensure the email you input for approval is the one you plan to send your PDF from, or else it won’t work.


Again, go to “Preferences” on the top bar.



Select “Personal Document Settings.”



Scroll down the menu and select “Approved Personal Document E-mail List.”



This list contains email addresses that can send documents to your Kindle. To enter a new email address, select “Add a new approved email address.”



Enter your email address and select “Add address” at the bottom of the pop-up page.


This will automatically add it to the list of approved emails for Kindle. If you want to add multiple email addresses, you must get them approved one after the other.

How to Send a PDF to Kindle via USB

This method is not suitable for transferring PDFs to the Kindle app. Instead, use the email method.

  1. Locate the PDF on your file browser or desktop
  2. Connect your computer to your Kindle via USB. Once added, you will find it in the Devices attached to your PC.
  3. Once connected, click on the Kindle and locate the document folder.
  4. Go back to the PDF, hold your cursor, drag the file from its location and drop it inside the Kindle “document” folder.


Sending a PDF to a Kindle is a straightforward process if you have a perfect tool for that. You should encounter no problems in transferring your files to your device if you use WPS Office. WPS Office will automatically add it to the list of approved emails for Kindle. If you want to add multiple email addresses, you must get them approved one after the other.

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