How to write a mid-year report in Excel 2022

July 31, 20231.6K views

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet tools in the world, used by people of all age groups, in schools, colleges, homes, and offices. Excel is an integral part of offices for generating progress reports and managing business data. Nowadays the project reporting in excel is the most critical part of project management.

An effective mid-year excel report involves the feasibility study, on the basis of which a successful future plan is laid out. There are different report creation softwares, like Word and WPS Writer, that can be used for reporting, but one of the easiest and most popular is making a mid-year report in excel. This article will shed light on some key topics regarding how to write or create mid-year reports in Excel 2022.

What is a Mid-year Excel Report?

Mid-year Excel report is a formal document that involves the information and guidance as to how a project is executed and controlled in the previous 6-months. The following queries need to be answered in a Mid-year Excel Report:

  1. The major deliverables of the project

  2. Month-wise progress in the form of charts and graphs

  3. How to get our deliverables early or on time?

  4. Responsible authorities for the project

  5. Project project started and when is it supposed to be complete?

Steps to Create Mid-Year Report

1. First of all make entries or import tables from any external file and Select the range of start date, B1: B11.


2. From the insert tab, select the bar charts group or any type of chart that suits you.


3. Select the “stacked bar” in the 2-D Bar chart group and we'll have a bar graph as shown. 

4. Right-click anywhere on the chart and select the Select Data option, from the drop-down menu. Then a pop-up window will open, click on the Add button to enter the tenure and Type Tenure in the Series name.


5. Then click on the range selection option.


6. Select the Tenure from the first cell of C2. 

7. Drag and select all the relevant cells. 

8. Ten click OK from the dialog box. 

9. Open the Select Data Source dialog box and click on the Edit option. Here we can see the tasks on the left side of the Gantt chart. 


10 Choose the bars option and choose No Fill in the Format Data Series dialog box. Now we can see the Gantt chart based on entered data.



11. As the dates on Gantt chart are starting from 11-Dec while the dates we have provided are from 01-Jan. So copy the starting date in any cell.


12. Then click on this copied date. Go to the Home menu and click on the custom, then a dialog box is shown.


13. Choose the Number option in the dropdown menu.


14. After this, you will see a number displayed in the selected box. 15 Click on the dates on the Gantt chart and from the Format Axis dialog box. Put the number received in the previous slide, in the Minimum box.


16. Here is the final Gantt chart.


WPS Excel Sheets - The Best Free Tool To Make Mid-Year Reports

With WPS Office Sheets, data manipulation is simple; Several tools are there that can be used to sort and search for data that makes project management more effective and efficient. WPS Sheets app helps professionals analyze large amounts of data and visualize it with graphs and charts while easily tracking and monitoring the project status; Create graphs and timeline charts that help track the project status. Ready-made reports templates help to collect data and let you track the progress of the work, and compare estimated dates with the actual dates

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