The business activities and financial status are summarized, and recorded in daily reports. The daily report can be a financial document distributed by businesses to shareholders or it might be a daily task report by an employee. Regardless of its application, it is the most reliable source of delivering information about daily performance and success.

Small firms and non-profit organizations, on the other hand, deal with daily reports in order to engage with consumers. This article will illustrate key information regarding how to write or create daily reports in Excel 2022.

What is a Daily Report?


Daily reports include a basic review of the tasks completed, cash flow generated and profit gain in a single day. Daily reports normally include an introductory letter from the chairman, a business biography, management analysis, and financial details. Daily reports are comparatively easier form in corporate reporting . The elements covered in the daily reports may differ based on unique and legal requirements.

How to Write a Good Daily Report in Excel?


Daily reports are vital aspects of an employee's transparency and responsibility. Rather than developing a voluminous report, you should create a precise one that communicates to a wide range of individuals. These reports explain the employee’s efforts, targets achieved and collapsed during the work. In financial daily reporting, profit gain and loss are covered under different cells of excel.

Convey the Key Message

Convey your key message to investors, Boss or Supervisor, in your daily report. Businesses establish long-term relationships by acknowledging the failures and successes to their overall aims and mission statement.

Structure and Content

Aside from the essentials, such as the introduction, business profile, and financial statement, the daily report should have a storyline that defines the general framework of the report and organizes the material around a narrative thread. Daily report's content should be open and honest, don't over-write your achievements or hide your misfortunes.

Use Proper headings

Keep the text brief and straightforward to make space for images, infographics, and other visual objects. Use a bright and complementary color palette and layout methods.

Steps to Create Daily Report in Excel

  1. Click on the “Insert” option from the menu, and select the type of chart you want to add to the report sheet.
  2. In the Design menu under “Chart”, select Select Data from the data group.
  3. Select the data (all cells containing the data) you want to add to the chart (include headers).
  4. The chart will update in your report sheet with the provided data. The headers will be used as the labels in the two axis.
  5. Repeat the above procedure to create new charts and graphs that appropriately represent the daily data you want to show in your report.

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