How to Write or Create End of Year Report in Excel 2022

July 31, 20231.6K views

Microsoft Excel is one of the world's most popular spreadsheet programmes, adopted by people of all ages in schools, universities, homes, and workplaces. Excel is used in offices to generate progress reports and manage corporate data. Today the most important aspect of project management is project reporting in Excel.

An effective end of year excel report includes a feasibility analysis, which serves as the foundation for a successful future strategy for a business or firm. There are other report creation softwares available for reporting, such as Word and WPS Writer, but one of the simplest and most common is creating an end of year report, is Excel. This article will shed light on some key topics regarding how to write or create end of year reports in Excel 2022. If you want to know how to write a mid-year report in Excel in 2022, click here: How to write a mid-year report in Excel 2022

What is an End of Year Excel report?

An end of year Excel report is a formal document that contains information and recommendations on how a project/task has been conducted and regulated over the preceding twelve months. In an end of year Excel Report, the following questions should be addressed:

  • The project's primary deliverables

  • Charts and graphs; depict monthly development.

  • How can we ensure that our deliverables are delivered on time?

  • Authorities in charge of the project

  • When did the project begin, and when is it expected to be completed?

Steps to Create End of Year Report

1 First of all make entries or import tables from any external file and Select the range of start date, B1: B11.


2 From the insert tab, select the bar charts group or any type of chart that suits you.


3 Select the “stacked bar” in the 2-D Bar chart group and we'll have a bar graph as shown.

4 Right-click anywhere on the chart and select the Select Data option, from the drop-down menu. Then a pop-up window will open, click on the Add button to enter the tenure and Type Tenure in the Series name.


5 Then click on the range selection option.


6 Select the Tenure from the first cell of C2.

7 Drag and select all the relevant cells.

8 Ten click OK from the dialog box.

9 Open the Select Data Source dialog box and click on the Edit option. Here we can see the tasks on the left side of the Gantt chart. 



10 Choose the bars option and choose No Fill in the Format Data Series dialog box. Now we can see the Gantt chart based on entered data.



11 As the dates on Gantt chart are starting from 11-Dec while the dates we have provided are from 01-Jan. So copy the starting date in any cell


12 Then click on this copied date. Go to the Home menu and click on the custom, then a dialog box is shown. 



13 Choose the Number option in the dropdown menu.


14 After this, you will see a number displayed in the selected box.

15 Click on the dates on the Gantt chart and from the Format Axis dialog box. Put the number received in the previous slide, in the Minimum box.


16 Here is the final Gantt chart.


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