Here is the list of some PDF tools.
Importance of PDF tool
Why use PDF tools?
PDF tools updates
Guide to download WPS PDF tool

A portable document format(PDF) is an easy-to-deal and reliable format for sharing files or reading documents. You can use it for Windows, mobiles, Mac, and IOS. Different pdf tool apps are available for different kinds of tools. These pdfs are secure to share, and anyone can't generally edit them into the original document form unless with the help of a specific tool. The tools used to make, merge, resize, compress, edit and read pdf files are called pdf tools.

The google play store is full of pdf tool apps, and Google is full of pdf tools related to converting files and reading files. These can easily fulfill the user requirements in the basic tool unless the function is very complex.

Here is the list of some PDF tools.

  1. Foxit pdf

  2. Pdf agile

  3. Nitro pdf reader

  4. Ease pdf

  5. Adobe reader

  6. Smallpdf tools

  7. Ilovepdf reader

  8. WPS pdf reader

These tools are updated as soon as they receive complaints from the users. The bugs are fixed to solve the User's issues. Users can update their tools by visiting the update option of their respective tools. These updates are released in the form of what's new, function updates, tool updates, or news releases. This article will cover the important pdf tools updates 2021.

Importance of PDF tool

  1. Edit, read, and share documents.

  2. You can convert your pdf files to excel, word, HTML, and ppt. You can even convert these files into photos.

  3. User can even avail the facility of video to pdf, audio, images to pdf

  4. The documents are easily resized and merged. You can even sort out the text from the documents.

  5. Compress your documents, and crop your images by using pdf tools.

  6. Sign in your documents and sync them. Store your documents in cloud storage.

  7. Highlight or annotate the text or rotate the document. Check the images below to see what these tools offer.



Why use PDF tools?

  1. Read pdf documents and open multiples pdf documents at a time.

  2. Highlight, annotate, resize, compress and rotate the documents

  3. Share your file and add comments

  4. You can even sign in your documents and create the fillable pdf forms

PDF tools updates

  1. E-signature and sync pdf files

  2. Sign in documents and mark your signatures online on your documents.

  3. ROI dashboard

  4. Facility to merge even the first page and all other documents' pages.

  5. Integrate your documents with cloud storage.

  6. Token is available for the documents, which will automatically add the specific values like dates and names in specific areas.

  7. Autofill the forms.

Guide to download WPS PDF tool

All the updated features of pdf tools are mostly updated in WPS too. Users can even get more user value from WPS than other tools in the free version. Almost all basic features are available in the free version. Download WPS reader to experience all these features of pdf tools.