Learn How to Open PDF on Mac by Using Free WPS Office

July 31, 2023904 views

Alvin got his new Mac a few days back! Yes….! He is a new MAC user, so struggling with many features. Urgently, he needs to know how to open pdf on MAC as he has to work on his research project and prepare a report in PDF file.

Do not worry.

Well, we got your back!

Sit back, sip your coffee and gradually go through this article. It will guide you about all steps, how to open PDF on Mac by using Free WPS office .

And you will be surprised in the end.

So, let’s get started!

Steps: How to Open PDF on Mac by using Free WPS office

1-All you need is WPS software on your computer.

2-Type in Your browser: www.wps.com/

You will land on the page which will look like as below:


3-Here you need to click on the “Download”

You will land on the page looking like as below:


You are on the right track! Keep going…

4-Click on the “Free download” for Mac Users.

5-Save the download file in your required folder.

6-And install it for offline use.

Congratulations! You have got the Free WPS office for your easy usage!

Now you can open your PDF on your Mac now without any worry.


7-Install and launch it on your Mac.

8-Login to your WPS account by using your Gmail.


And you have done it!

How to Open PDF on Mac in WPS office:

1-Click on Menu.

2-Then click on Open.


3-Quickly reach to your file destination. Click on your required PDF file.

And the target was achieved.

You are succeeded in learning how open PDF on Mac by using Free WPS office


WPS is a multitasking software free of cost available on the internet. It is easily available for Mac users.

But surprisingly, WPS doesn’t only help to open PD files on Mac. In this you can perform many functions related to PDF. You can edit, convert PDF to word, image, PPT and so on. There is so much to explore. It will help you to make your document more efficient and easier to read for your reader.

You have successfully learnt how to open PDF on Mac. Apply the procedure and Enjoy Your new Mac!

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