Learn How to Trim PDF Easily and Quickly

July 31, 2023811 views

Most of the time we scanned documents in PDF and then combined them into one PDF file. Combining PDF documents of different sizes may result in poor visualization of data. The best way to tackle this problem is to Trim PDF pages that have a comparatively larger size. For trimming or cropping PDF pages you will need a Pro PDF Editor. It takes a few seconds on a good PDF editor. So what is the best PDF Editor to trim PDF in an easy and efficient way?

WPS Office - PDF Editor is best to trim or crop your PDF pages.With WPS PDF Editor you are capable of changing the layout of a PDF page and can change the text as needed. WPS Office is an android, windows and apple store app which is totally free to download and use. You can start cropping and adjusting your PDF pages with the help of WPS Office app. This article will discuss following topics to trim the pages;

  1. How to Trim PDF on Laptop using WPS Office
  2. How to trim PDF on Mac using Preview App

How to Trim PDF on Laptop using WPS Office

WPS Office is accomplished with a pro PDF Editor. You can fully edit your PDF using WPS Office - PDF Editor. Follow the steps to trim.

Steps to trim PDF on laptop using WPS Office

1-Open the PDF file in the WPS Office that you want to trim.


2-From the menu bar, choose the “edit” tab. Then choose “crop page” to trim the PDF.


How to trim PDF on Mac using Preview App

You can also crop or trim PDF using Adobe Acrobat. Follow the steps to trim your PDF file.

Steps to trim PDF on Mac using Preview App

  1. Click on the “tools” option. Then the “edit tool” option.
  2. From the secondary toolbar click on “Crop pages”.


A PDF document with irregular pages size looks unprofessional. To make a PDF file regular in size and visualization we need to crop or trim the PDF pages of that particular file. WPS Office - PDF Editor is the best tool/App/Software to trim or crop the PDF. Moreover you can trim crop pages on Mac using the Default Preview app without installing the 3rd party app. But apart from just cropping the pages you can make other necessary changes with the help of WPS office app. Download the WPS Office now.

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