Learn How to Write or Create End of Year Report in Powerpoint 2022

July 31, 2023865 views

When it comes to reporting, there are various options, including Word, Excel, and PDF, but Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular among students and professionals. Although you would not think of PowerPoint when generating business reports, it is utilized in place of more recognised tools like Word. PowerPoint simplifies everything, from adding new visuals to altering text boxes on a page. You don't have to worry about anchoring items or introducing new information that could violate PowerPoint's established structure. It's a blank canvas with few limitations on which to develop and display data. This article will discuss the easy steps for how to write or create an end of year report in powerpoint in 2022.


Steps to Write or Create End of Year Report in Powerpoint

Here are some precautions to follow while developing reports in PowerPoint:

Choose the Slide Orientation

Choose a conventional page layout for a report rather than the default slide size (16:9 aspect ratio). Go to the Design tab, create a new slide size, and set the dimensions to 8.5 by 11. (Portrait Position)

Set the Page Gridlines

Select Ruler and Guides (and occasionally Gridlines) from the View panel to ensure that critical text and objects are in the same location on each page.

Insert Rich-Informational Shapes

The use of simple shapes and lines in several variants on a page gives a report's design a clean and professional feel. Predefined slide design templates should be avoided since they typically do not correspond to the concepts on which your report is based.

Color Selection

To avoid utilizing unnecessary colors, be secure in your grasp of how colors compliment one another. Select those that offer visual variation. Make this clear on the report's cover page.

Design of The Report

Most of the time, the background design and headline language must remain the same throughout all pages. Once you've created a page layout, just copy and paste that slide for the remaining report pages. To save time while designing layouts and designs, open a new file>templates and select a relevant template.

Present Data in Charts and Graphs

It takes time to edit charts in Excel and then copy and paste them into PowerPoint. Many individuals still do this, despite the fact that PowerPoint, unlike Excel, provides these capabilities, as well as chart editing and layout choices. To keep things simple, create a basic default chart in Excel and then modify it in Powerpoint using your data.

Let the Reader annotate the report

PowerPoint, like Google Docs, has capabilities for reviewing and commenting. From the Review panel, you may choose text, add comments, and flag places that need further attention.

Save The Report

The final step is to save the report as a PDF or XPS document when you’re ready to send it to your readers.

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