Steps to export pdf to jpg
How To Download This WPS Office Offline Tool.

How to export pdf to jpg? This is the main concern of your daily routine if you are working in such a field where you have to store large-sized pdf files and images. JPG is that format of images which can compress your file size so it becomes easier to store and share such large files in this format. Moreover, jpg format provides you with fast downloading due to their compress sizes. This format is easy to make any change so users prefer to convert pdf files into jpg due to their

  • fast downloading speed
  • easy printing options and
  • less storage space.

Steps to export pdf to jpg

We have an editing option in WPS Office Offline tool to know the procedure of how to export pdf to jpg which we will discuss briefly in the following steps.

1st Step:

The very first step is to type in your URL address bar and visit the website. You will get the option to download, click on it, and download this WPS Office Offline tool.

2nd Step:

Open this downloaded WPS office and run on your computer.


3rd Step:

You will see the button for pdf to picture on the top of the page on your screen, click on it and search for the document you want to convert into jpg format.

4th Step:

Upload that specific file which pushes you to start searching about how to export pdf to jpg and land you to this article about WPS Office Offline tool.

5th step:

When you upload that file, a small window will appear on your screen which has many options to export your pdf into an image with specific properties. There, you will find the option of format, click on that and select jpg format. You will also get an option to select pages which you want to export into jpg so in this way you can select specific pages you want to convert in jpg format.


After selecting all your desired properties, click on the export button. You will get your resulting document in jpg format. So, your query of how to export pdf to jpg has been solved with the help of this WPS Office Offline tool.

How To Download This WPS Office Offline Tool.

It is free of cost. Just visit the website mentioned above and click on the download button.


After downloading, start using it offline as well to solve your many issues e.g pdf conversion in Docx,xfa, jpg, font change, file splitting, merging etc. You can say this is the best online platform for all editing-related tasks.