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July 31, 20231.1K views

Why Choose PDF Xchange Signer?

When an ordinary word document is converted to a pdf, it becomes more difficult to edit or do anything else with the said document. And signing or stamping these documents has a vital role to play. So if you are looking for dependable software which will allow you to stamp or sign your pdfs without going into much trouble, Pdf Xchange is one of the best apps to employ.

How to Sign Documents with PDF Xchange?

Signing, stamping or any other editing process will be made easy if you have the right tools at hand. And if you are working with editing or viewing pdfs and other word documents on a daily basis, the best choice you have is to download Pdf Xchange.

It is a lightweight application with free and paid subscriptions you can download according to your needs. No matter if it is lightweight, this application includes all the necessary tools you could need when editing, viewing or creating a pdf from scratch.

The Pdf Xchange Viewer and Editor both let you sign digital files. Follow these steps when signing or stamping your pdfs with Pdf Xchange.

If you are using the PDf Xchange Editor, all the necessary tools are in the section dedicated to “Digital Signature”. When using the Pdf Xchange Viewer, go to the menu toolbar and click on the documents tab. From there, you can navigate to the signing options where the “sign the document” tool is at.

When you are at the right tool, click on it, and a blue box will appear on your screen. It is the box where you must place the signature.

WPS Office vs. PDF Xchange

7 Days Trial WPS OfficeDownload Now

The internet is overflowing with different kinds of pdf editors, but the majority of these are non-reliable and inefficient. Therefore, it is vital to choose the best of the best, but it also has to fulfil your pdf editing needs as well as be in your budget zone.

Pdf Xchange and the WPS Office are two top-layer pdf viewers next to MS Office tools. Compared to all three, WPS Office (online/offline) can be named the cheapest and second only to MS Office.

It has all the tools you may need but only has paid subscriptions, yet these payments are much more lower than the regular prices of pdf editors. It has a seven-day free trial which you may use without providing credit information.

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