Marketing Resume Template PDF and Writing Tips

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Resumes for marketing positions must demonstrate passion, creativity, and the ability to crunch the numbers in 2022. A carefully crafted marketing resume template pdf format is needed to show that you're comfortable in both worlds of marketing.

However, the upside is immense. You can get the interview, nail it, and land the marketing position of your dreams if you get this combination right. So, this guide is designed to answer your questions about how to write a marketing resume template pdf that will impress potential employers.

Tips for Writing a Resume for Marketing

Focus on the appropriate metrics.

Numerous metrics exist within the marketing world. Generally, most metrics show how well you perform a task. Then some will get you an interview. Hiring four marketers to expand the marketing department is an example of bad practice in 2022. A top example is the creation of a DataOps department, which cut the time to customer insights by 600%.

Show that you can scale results.

To make ten and a thousand sales, you'll need two distinct approaches and sets of abilities. Your marketing resume template pdf format should demonstrate your ability to take on more difficult responsibilities.

Getting a company blog mentioned in a high-profile business publication is a bad example. A good case in point: We ran a digital PR campaign that resulted in hundreds of articles in the top 20 US business newspapers.

Your strengths should be highlighted in your resume's layout and format.

Use headers, bullet points, and unique sections to make your cv easier to read. To draw attention to your findings, use bold wording. Use white space and color to attract recruiters' attention and keep them engaged.

It is recommended to use a standard reverse-chronological resume if you have been working in marketing for many years. Highlight your work experience on your marketing resume template pdf format to show that you are qualified.

Conversely, a hybrid CV may be more appropriate if your marketing expertise combines formal and casual. For example, your abilities and professional experience are highlighted when using hybrid formats.

Marketing Resume Templates: What You Need to Know


Even if you're not a CMO, you already know how powerful visuals can be in marketing. As a result, choosing a layout that complements your content while also conveying your desired message is critical. Is your marketing resume template pdf any exception?

This is the best layout to use if you're seeking to be a marketing intern and lack experience. Filling it up and making it look great doesn't require as much content as it used to.

The professional marketing resume template pdf is what we recommend for most mid-level marketing professionals. It allows you to develop a visual style that isn't overbearing to the reader while still allowing your content to stand out.

For marketing managers and CMOs, your resume will be a little denser because you have a lot of experience to display. That's why this design was created. It's easier to read because it occupies less space on the page.

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Choosing a marketing resume template pdf isn't the only thing to remember.

  • Structure your material so that the most crucial components (the ones that will make you stand out to the reader) are right up front.
  • While a hiring manager for a senior marketer will likely read several pages of your application, those applying for entry-level roles should keep their application brief and to the point.
  • Avoid going overboard with color. Use the color scheme of the company you're applying to as a technique (it will be a great touch). However, going too far in the opposite direction can affect a resume's visual appeal.

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What should be on a CV for a marketing position at the entry-level?

Writing a resume that demonstrates your qualifications for a marketing internship or your first marketing job might be challenging. The best news is that there are many additional ways to show that you can succeed in a marketing role.

The capacity to work well in a team is demonstrated in this example by a marketing intern who is self-motivated and organized. No prior experience in marketing was necessary to display any of these key abilities.

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