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If you're looking for a PDF solution that does it all, and you have a week to try it out risk-free. Nitro can help Convert Pdf to Word and offer free trial. Nitro Pro is also a good choice. Nitro Pro is a get in, get out solution, so its limited configuration options aren't likely to deter most users. The all-inclusive app efficiently simplifies a complex procedure, with the added benefits of security and user-friendliness. 

What You Should Know about Free Trial Nitro PDF to Word Converter

To speed up the PDF to Word workflow, take a free trial for Nitro. As it merges multiple documents into one that is searchable, efficiently organized, and located. The ability to open and edit documents created in any format, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or HTML, is provided by Nitro Pro's built-in conversion features. 

You can save time and energy with Nitro Pro with a free trial to convert pdf to Word, streamlined PDF editing features, and devote more energy where it counts. Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe Illustrator files, and CAD drawings are just some of the many file types that can be easily converted to PDF with the help of Nitro, the free download app. Easily combine multiple PDFs into a single file and rearrange their pages by dragging and dropping them.

Why Use Nitro Free Trial Version to Convert PDF to Word

Integration with other well-known products is one of Nitro Pro's main features. In addition to commercial applications like Office 365, SharePoint 365, and OneDrive, the program integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Editable PDFs can be created from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files and vice versa. With the help of Nitro Pro, you may import PDFs into any of the programs above and continue working there.

To extract text and images, the service also converts several image file types, like JPEG and TIFF, to PNG. In addition to being used as a standalone document converter, Nitro Pro, which provides a 7-day free trial of Nitro Pdf, may be used in bulk to convert pdf to word documents in a browser, on a mobile device, or a desktop computer, greatly lowering the need for user assistance in the workplace. Nitro Pro's touch-enabled capability allows it to manage and navigate PDF documents while on the road.

Security, however, becomes a far bigger issue when mobile document management is involved. Nitro Pro has made further measures to protect the security of your files in this area. The owner can permanently redact any sensitive material if necessary, and each PDF can be safeguarded with permissions and passwords. PDF files can be protected, preventing unauthorized changes or copies.

Utilizing document version tracking, Nitro Pro with Nitro Pdf Free trial to convert pdf to Word, create and manages digital IDs, including the legally binding character of eSignatures as in WPS PDF. Users may submit, trace, and confirm electronic signatures with real-time notifications and analytics using the built-in QuickSign tool. Users can also quickly and easily add their electronic signatures to documents.

How To Get Free Trial and Use Nitro to Convert PDF to Word


Nitro Pro's free trial to convert pdf to Word export features make it simple and secure to transform PDFs into.DOCX files, the format used by Microsoft Word for use in other applications. In a single operation, you can convert many pages, an entire file, or a group of files. 

  • Click To Word in the Convert section of the Home tab.

  • Pick one of the options in the Convert PDF To Word window.

  • In the Files for Conversion section, select the files you want to convert and click the Add Files button.

  • Click Remove to remove a document from the list, or use the Move Up or Move Down options to rearrange the documents after selecting a PDF file from the list.

  • Select the checkbox next to Include all open PDF documents to export open PDFs to Word quickly.

  • Click Choose Pages after highlighting the document to convert only certain pages within it. The desired page or range of pages should be entered in the Pages box (separated by a dash). For instance, enter 3-5 to convert pages 3, 4, and 5 of an 8-page document.

  • The destination folder for the exported file can be chosen from the list that appears under Output.

  • To open the exported files in the default program after conversion, select the box labeled Open files after conversion.

  • To finish the transformation, select Convert.

NOTE: PDF files created from images (or were scanned) will have their text automatically converted using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). 

Download WPS Office: the Best Alternative to Nitro Free Trial

Free Trial 7 Days WPS PremiumDownload Now

A new PDF-to-Word application is now available for Windows and Android users from WPS Office Software, a productivity suite for computers and mobile devices. Any of the three WPS Office programs, Writer, Presentation, or Spreadsheets, on Windows or Android, can be used to edit PDF files. The formatting is kept, there is no need for re-keying, and these tools make it simple to convert PDF files on-the-fly. 

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