No Free Trial; AbleWord is Free to Use

November 11, 2022 |

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No Free Trial; AbleWord is Free to Use
In this article, you will learn:
  1. AbleWord Tools

  2. AbleWord Compatibility

  3. What's Best in AbleWord?

  4. AbleWord vs. WPS Office

  5. Final Thoughts

  6. Install WPS Office

AbleWord is a powerful word-processing software that supports the most common document types, including PDFs. It supports picture formatting, tables, headers, and footers and features spell-checking and print preview capabilities. Additionally, it is completely free for commercial use.

This software has a built-in feature to edit PDFs. So you can edit PDF files for free. Besides, if you have a situation like you don't have a subscription to MS Word for some reason, and you want to use doc format files or any other lightweight txt files, an AbleWord is a great software for this because it is free. In this article, we will discuss this application's features and limitations. 

AbleWord Tools

Following are AbleWord tools:

PDF Editing

There are a few free Word Processing softwares for Windows, but none come close to AbleWord's capabilities. It is compatible with popular document formats, such as.DOC and.DOCX, and can also open and save PDF documents, making it a very powerful tool.

Document Reading and Writing

Ableword can read and write doc, dox, pdf, RTF, txt, HTML, and htm files. You can adjust, select fonts, include tables, and more in these formats.

AbleWord Compatibility

  1. You can easily install AbleWord on your PC. AbiWord is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. 

  2. It only supports Windows and no other devices outside a PC or laptop; it does not support Macs.

What's Best in AbleWord?

Its loading speed and open-source status are one of its best features. Besides, It quickly loads the documents compared to Ms. Word and is incredibly time-efficient. In addition, this software has a built-in PDF editing feature for free. So, you don't need any other software to create, edit, or convert PDF documents.

AbleWord vs. WPS Office

  1. AbleWord is a powerful word-processing application that handles the most common document formats, including PDFs. However, this software cannot be considered a fully-featured document manager. It is not compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and Mac computers.

  2. This software has poor fonts and graphics and has very basic features. It is good for PC users who want to open and edit common document types. However, this is not for those who want some advanced features and are simultaneously handling documents on multiple devices.

  3. While on the other hand, WPS Office is a complete office suite that allows users to create Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, and Excel Spreadsheets in combination with a free PDF editor. WPS Office is the one-stop solution for PDF editing and document processing.

Final Thoughts

AbleWord is a good choice if you want software that works with the most common file types and PDFs. Also, the able word is a great software if you don't have a subscription to MS Word but want to use doc files or other lightweight txt files. It is free, so it is a great choice in this case.

Install WPS Office

WPS Office is a full-featured office Suite to view and edit various file types, including DOCX, DOC, PPTX, XLSX, TXT, and others. This software allows you to export your document in PDF or any of your desired file types. Currently, over 20 million individuals are using this app for free.

Besides, hundreds of thousands of premium and Business WPS users use this office suite on their devices. Install WPS Office and manage your documents. You will surely enjoy using this application.


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