PDFCreator Updates

July 31, 20231.6K views

What is PDFCreator?

PDFCreator is online odf tool to convert any document into a pdf file format. Its automated functions and user-friendly interphase help the users to maintain their workflow pace. Users can convert any printable document into a pdf and align it perfectly. Infact, PDF creator gives the users different suggestions to keep the workflow.

Its updates are available automatically to the users. You can check for the latest updates by visiting the application setting option. And you can access them by launching your tool from window explorer. Go through the general tab and check for the updates. You can update your PDFCreator quickly by following the instructions.

Importance of PDF creator?

Some of the essential features of PDFCreator are listed below

  1. Convert any document file into the pdf.


  2. Convert your printable files into the pdf form

  3. You can align your document within no time, and even the PDFCreator suggests to you how to align

  4. You can convert your common pdf file into the picture pdf by it.

  5. Turn your pdf to TIF, JPG, and PNG.

  6. The most important feature is the token system in PDFCreator, which is used as a placeholder for different text or values. Like you print different documents in a single day, the date will be printed automatically on every document.

Some other functions are shown in the image.


Why use PDFCreator?

  1. It allows you to change different files into the pdf.

  2. PDFCreator facilitates your work.

  3. Its function updates are available quickly, and bugs are fixed very soon.

  4. You can choose from their free, professional, term server, and server services packages.

  5. A major perk of it is the digital signature function. You can sign any document online using PDFCreator, which will verify your signature and declare you as an author. So, it's very helpful if you can sign your documents by sitting anywhere around the globe.

PDFCreator updates in 2021 and 2022

The updated functions of PDFCreator can easily be accessed through the application setting option by users having access to PDFCreator professional or term. The server will help the users to update their tools automatically. We will mention here some updates in 2021 and 2022.

  1. The broken pdf conversion issue is solved

  2. The CS-script function is enabled now

  3. The start page can also be merged along with all other pages, and this function has been updated recently.

  4. All the setting values in the hot folder are correctly displayed after the update functions.

  5. The delete function for the history works properly after updates

  6. The unique file name function is enabled in 2022 updates

  7. The Hungarian language is now part of the hot folder.

Guide to download WPS:

There are some issues with PDFCreator. So, you can use the WPS PDF tool instead. Which is easy to use, and most features are available in the free version. Click here to download and get your 7-day free trial.

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