Quick Guide on How to Convert Notes into PDF for Free 2022(Online and Offline)

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Notes App is one of the built-in Apple Applications that allows you to take all-day notes. Knowing how to Convert notes to PDF can help loyal Apple users simplify the process of sharing meeting or lecture notes and brainstorming material with friends, especially outside the Apple ecosystem.

Are you Finding it difficult to convert jotted notes, assignments, and lists on your Notes App to pdf on iPhone? Don't worry, because we have covered you. In iOS 12 and earlier, there was a dedicated "Create PDF "feature, but in the later versions (iOS 13 and 14), it's been removed. However, you can still Create PDFs from Notes, but the procedure is entirely different.

Here is a quick guide on "how to convert Notes into PDF for free."

How to Convert Notes into PDF Offline using WPS office

If you have the WPS office installed, follow the steps below to convert Notes to PDF.

1-Open the notes, click on the menu in the top right corner >Print.

2-Select Document and Notes in the upper right corner in the print dropdown menu.

3-The total number of notes will appear but hasn't been converted to PDF yet.

4-Click on Comments tabs>Notes Mode and open the print dialogue box again.

5-Adjust the page settings as needed and press the Print button.

How to Convert Notes into PDF On iPhone for Free

Method 1:Using MarkUp

In the Notes App, open the notes you want to export.

1-Tap on the three dots (...) icon at the top right corner

2-When a new window pops up, Select send a copy.


3-Click Markup to generate a PDF file.


4-Click Done.

5-Go to Save File to>Save.

Method 2:Using the print trick

One can also select the Print option instead of Markup to convert the Notes to PDF, and Now the steps will be as follows:

1-Open your desired File.

2-Select send a copy in the share sheet and click Print.


3-After that, please Tap on the Share icon and save it to any location.

How to Convert Notes into PDF On Mac Offline

Launch the Notes app and then follow these steps to export a note as a PDF

1-After launching the Notes, double-click on the file on which you want to work.

2-A new window will appear; click on the File in the taskbar.

3-In the dropdown menu, Select Expert as PDF.


4-Now, you can rename your File and save it in the desired location.

5-Weldone, You have done a great job!

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