Quick Steps for How to Print Excel to PDF for Free

July 31, 20231.4K views

Printing Excel to PDF is the best option to view and read the file. We can also share or distribute the PDFs that are much easier to read on any devices like mobiles. Imagine how disgusting it is to read Excel files on mobile. Converting Excel to PDF makes all these problems solved if you save a file as Excel but also printing the opened Excel to PDF also works because at the end we need a PDF file with good readability. Now you will be looking for effective methods for how to print excel to PDF for free.

There are two ways to print excel to PDF, one is Offline and second is using an online converter to convert your excel to PDF. WPS Office has it all. You can either print your excel file to PDF or convert the Excel files to PDF in bulk with built-in offline Excel to PDF converter and also, WPS online Excel to PDF converter. This blog will discuss the following methods to print excel to PDF for free;

  • How To Print Excel to PDF Offline Using WPS Office for free
  • How To Print Excel to PDF using Microsoft Excel for free

How To Print Excel to PDF Offline Using WPS Office for free

WPS Office is always a best option for converting different formats to PDF and vice versa. This software is free and works on any operating system like iPhone or Android and Laptop or Mac.

Steps to print excel to PDF using WPS Office for free

1-Open your excel file in WPS Office.


2-Click on the “Menu” option and choose print.

3-After clicking on the “Print” option a pop-up will open.


4-Customize the PDF settings and press Ok.


How To Print Excel to PDF using Microsoft Excel for free

If you are working on an excel file in MS excel software then it's easy to print your excel to PDF. Follow the steps to print it to PDF.

Steps to print excel to PDF using MS Office for free

1-Click the “File” tab.

2-Choose the print option.

3-Set your desired PDF through the pop-up options.


This blog has discussed the two easy methods through which you can print or convert Excel files to PDF. You can print the excel to PDF using MS Excel for free but also there is a giant Office suite, The WPS Office which has plenty of free features to convert your file. You can also have an option of converting your Excel to PDF online and offline for free. Download the WPS Office now.

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