Quick Ways on How to View Multiple PDF on your Laptop

July 31, 2023867 views

There are several methods for viewing multiple PDF files in different windows. It merely takes a few clicks with the correct PDF viewer. For example, the Free Acrobat Reader - Normally used to view PDFs, may open numerous files in its window. For this you must change the default PDF programme to Acrobat Reader in order to read multiple PDFs in different windows.

WPS Office - PDF Editor, on the other hand, allows you to open multiple PDF files and perform numerous operations such as editing and sharing files with the extreme ease of its use. It is available on all App stores and can be used to view multiple PDFs on your laptop. In this article we will cover the quick methods to view multiple PDFs on your windows or Mac laptops. This article will cover the following topics;

  • How to view multiple PDF on Windows laptops
  • How to view multiple PDF on Mac laptops

How to view multiple PDF on Windows laptops

With WPS Office you can open multiple PDFs at the same time. If you have windows 10 or more you can split the screen into two parts and manage two files at the same time. Follow the steps below.

Steps to view multiple PDF on Windows Laptops

1-Open your PDFs in WPS Office.


2-Left click the bar of your PDF and drag it down. Now you can handle them separately.


3-Windows 10 users, press and hold “windows” key and press left or right arrow key. It will split the screen into 2-4 parts where you can handle files easily.

How to view multiple PDF on Mac laptops

You can view multiple images or PDF files on a single preview window on Mac. The Default Preview app gives you this feature. Follow the steps to view them.

Steps to view multiple PDF on Mac Laptops

1-Go to system preferences.

2-Then choose a general.

3-Then choose always from the “prefer tab when opening documents” option from the pop-up.


To examine multiple PDF files effectively you need to view all of them on one screen. For this you can use WPS Office to view the multiple PDF on Windows as well as Mac laptops. WPS Office - PDF editor and Viewer lets you view the multiple files and ultimately edit them with the state of the art editing features. Download the WPS Office now.

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