Should You Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

July 31, 2023708 views

Pdf editors have a big user base, and each of those groups is continually looking for better tools. If you've ever shopped for a pdf editor, you know how many there are, each with its quirks and advantages. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a well-established product from a company that has become a household name thanks to its pdf editing software. While some users may find that the tool isn't sufficient for their requirements, others may be completely devoted to it. The right tool meets your needs; therefore, it's important to think carefully about your preferences.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC pricing information.

The resource has several pricing tiers to choose from, making it suitable for a variety of businesses. You can subscribe online for a full year (in one lump payment or monthly installments) or pay month-to-month; the Pro edition costs about $2-3 more per month than the Standard, depending on your membership type, with a free trial. These premium Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader DC app download bundles are perfect for businesses, academic institutions, and teachers.

Only the paid Pro edition can access features like document comparison (with the possibility to keep the changes), optical character recognition, redaction, and validation. Most consumers won't notice the countless improvements aimed at meeting the unique needs of corporate users. However, the Pro subscription is worth the additional cost for individuals who need all of its premium features.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Capabilities

There are numerous useful features in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for handling and optimizing your pdf files. Regular features such as splitting and merging documents, altering font size and style, copying and pasting portions of text, etc., are all available. Microsoft Word and a number of picture formats can also be converted. Depending on the specifics of your papers, the app can compress pdf without compromising any of the information contained within.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC covers you if you need to make changes to forms, while its functionality may seem limited once you've used more advanced software. Most users won't need anything more than the form editor, but if creating forms takes up a sizable chunk of your day, you may want to investigate more robust alternatives.

WPS Office or Adobe Acrobat: which is the better pdf reader?


Pdfs have become an indispensable tool for professionals. They are convenient for sending private information because they are easy to create, can be accessed from anywhere, and require no special software. However, not all pdf readers are created equal. The Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader DC download is the Standard for reading and editing pdf files. It includes several helpful features, like the ability to comment, fill out forms, and secure documents with passwords.

Not only is Adobe Acrobat costly, but it can also be difficult to use for individuals who merely need the bare bones of pdf functionality. However, WPS Office offers a free trial and is a low-cost option with all the necessary pdf features. This program is great for startups and one-person businesses because it is more intuitive than Adobe Acrobat. When it comes to managing pdfs, there is no foolproof solution. But for most people, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and WPS Office Online will do the trick.

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