Simple Steps of Scanning a Document to PDF Online

July 31, 2023893 views

In some situations, you may be required to use only PDF files. If your files are in other formats and you do not have scanner software to help convert your documents you may be in a real problem. However, you can search for a Free PDF scanner online and with a few steps convert your documents to PDF.

This post will explain and illustrate a few steps that you should take when using a Free PDF scanner online on your windows computer. The steps described in this article are the general steps that can be used by even a beginner to scan and convert documents using a WPS PDF scanner or any other free scanner for PDFs online.

Why convert files to PDF with a scanner

Nowadays PDF is the most widespread document format. The main PDF features are fixed formatting options and print optimization. The fixed formatting feature allows the PDF files to appear the same on any device. This is why the PDF format is preferable to other formats. Many other reasons can make one want to convert documents to PDF. With a WPS PDF scanner, you can convert your documents to PDF. With this scanner, you can either transform your JPEG image to PDF files, convert other documents to PDF, or can even extract texts from images.

Is it safe to use a Free PDF scanner online?

In every case where documents are concerned, it is wise to be careful. However, when using a WPS PDF scanner online, you need not to worry. The developers of most of these online PDF scanners ensure that the scanners are build to handle the documents safely.

The Free PDF scanner online does not obtain the rights of the uploaded files. The scanner does not perform any manual checking on your documents, and the files are deleted after some time.

How to scan files to PDF on windows using a Free PDF scanner online

Before you start scanning your PDF files, you should make sure that you either have a scanner on your computer or you are linked to a WPS PDF scanner online.

Step1: Launch the Scanner

Click 'Home’ on the menu bar and then click on the ‘Scanner’ icon to launch the ‘Scan to PDF’ option. But first, make sure that all the drivers are updated and that your scanner is powered.

image (18).png

Step 2: Scan property customization

Immediately after selecting this option, the pop-up dialogue box appears. It will present you with various options to customize your scanner function. Choose your scanner device from the list of scanners in the drop-down menu.

At this point, you can customize how you want to scan your documents. You can select the color mode, resolutions, and the number and size of papers.

Then select ‘Make PDF' to enable your files to be standardized. Your documents will be accessible on many platforms.

image (19).png

Step 3: Scan to PDF

After customizing your scanner accordingly, you can hit the ‘Scan’ icon to start scanning your documents to PDF format. After the documents are scanned, they are imported to the WPS PDF scanner interface as editable PDF documents. The free PDF scanner online can san and edit your documents as per your preferences.

image (20).png


The above article has highlighted several things concerning Free PDF scanners online. It is not all the information that you need to know about a WPS PDF scanner but the information in it can help you a lot when you want to scan and convert your documents to PDF files. You can learn more about how to scan different file formats to PDF by visiting the WPS Academy online.

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