SmallPDF Free License on A Budget

January 9, 2023 |

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SmallPDF Free License on A Budget
In this article, you will learn:
  1. SmallPDF Free License Prices and Plans

  2. About SmallPDF

  3. Features of SmallPDF

  4. Free Media Kit for SmallPDF

  5. WPS Office Over SmallPDF

SmallPDF Free License Prices and Plans

Are you looking for something at low-cost yet incredibly beneficial? Do you want to make more use of your time consumed while working on PDF files? We bring you budget-friendly software i.e. SmallPDF. You can use the SmallPDF free license that provides subscriptions and free trials so that you can try it first and decide later. Leave everything to us as we are going to explain to you the SmallPDF free license premium plans:

1. The premium version of SmallPDF costs 12$/month with unlimited document processing and file storage. 

2. If you choose the annual subscription of premium plan these same features will cost you 9$/month and it will be charged yearly. 

3. The team plan costs $10/month with all the premium tools available and it will save you $3 every month if you choose the team plan annually. It will cost you $7/month.

About SmallPDF

We’re everywhere, and so are the PDFs. On the internet, computers, and smartphones, Smallpdf keep simple tasks as easy as possible.Every country in the world uses PDFs, and Smallpdf’s 20+ solutions are no exception. They are being widely used.The top-ranked and most popular websites worldwide and the most popular website in Switzerland both have Smallpdf listed in them.The websites with the most views have a Smallpdf id. For processing the PDFs created by their 40+ million users, Smallpdf team members maintain and build their own state-of-the-art servers.

Features of SmallPDF

Users can make use of their selection of PDF processing solutions to handle electronic files and smoothly improve their productivity. Some of the features of the Smallpdf free license are:

Page SplittingProtecting PDFUnlocking PDFPDF ScanningEditing the PDF FilesJPG To PDF ConversionPPT To PDF Conversion

Free Media Kit for SmallPDF

Download the media kit from Smallpdf to explore more about their marketing materials, branding, and the latest information. It is free of cost.

Smallpdf On A Budget

Users can avail of the free trial in Smallpdf free license.The free trial has limited features.The monthly membership is Smallpdf Pro provides unlimited file processing and costs 12$/month.Smallpdf free license also allows a team purchase where a team of 2-14 persons can buy a license and they can have a more supple billing process along with all the features of Small pdf Pro.The team membership costs 10$/month.Lastly, the business has the option of customized pricing with every feature available in the Smallpdf Team and additional personalized programming.

WPS Office Over SmallPDF

In 2022, WPS Office is one of the most reliable PDF editors with every tool and feature needed for PDF handling.It gives a 7-day free trial and the standard version is free of cost.If a user wants to purchase WPS Premium it costs only 3.16$/month.It is compatible with all platforms and devices. WPS PDF works even offline.

To have a seamless experience working with PDF files, you should give a try to WPS Office, you can make use of their WPS academy. Type the URL in the search bar and check their website.

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