Split Docs with The Top PDF Splitters for Windows 10

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Sharing large files across any medium can become a challenge to anyone. And for someone with a deadline closeby, and not being able to share your files is nothing less than an extreme sport. With PDF splitter for Windows 10, you can quickly split large PDF files into smaller ones, based on the number of pages or the file size. PDF splitter for Windows 10 is incredibly easy to use and can be downloaded and installed on your computer with Windows or any other OS in just a few minutes, and can be used both online and offline.


WPS PDF for Windows 10 is a great choice for anyone looking to split PDF files quickly and easily.


  • WPS PDF Splitter for Windows 10 has an intuitive and easy to use interface that makes it particularly convenient to users who are new to documentations.

  • WPS PDF Splitter lets you separate PDFs in a variety of ways, including by page range, bookmark, and size.

  • Even when working with large files, WPS PDF Splitter is speedy and effective at dividing PDFs with precision.


  • Free basic version

  • Simple and user-friendly interface

  • Multiple splitting options


  • Some advanced features only available in premium version

  • May have some compatibility issues with Mac or iPhone devices


June 02, 2022

"Free office suite for everyone"

What do you like best about WPS Office?

First of all, as compared to MS office, we can easily access office tools in one space without even paying a single penny. The Ul is very smooth to use and anybody can easily found out their requirements from the application. Whether it is a work in excel, doc.presentation or whatever, you can do it with the help of wps office.

2. PDFsam

PDFsam (PDF Split and Merge) for Windows 10 is a free and open-source software that makes it easy to split PDF files into multiple pages or separate files.


  • PDFsam Basic allows you to divide PDFs in a variety of ways, including by page range, bookmark, and size.

  • PDFsam Basic is almost free, however several advanced capabilities are only available in the premium version.


  • Great degree of personalization


  • Several sophisticated features are only accessible in the premium edition.

  • In comparison to other PDF splitter programmes, it has less functions.


"I like its PDF Mix tool"

What do you like best about PDFsam Basic?

PDFSam Basic is based on a free, downloadable and installable application and for the purpose of my review, on Windows. PDFSam Basic includes tools such as PDF Merge, PDF Split, PDF Mix, PDF Rotate and PDF Extract. I liked the PDF file mixing tool that allows you to combine them into one by following some criteria or pattern that you can point out in its options menu. At first, implementing it can be somewhat complicated but the online help offered by PDFSam is very useful and with it, you can complete the task successfully.

FAQs on PDF Splitter for Windows 10

Is there a free PDF splitter?

WPS PDF is a free PDF splitter that you can use to split your PDF files into smaller, more manageable pieces. To download WPS PDF, clicker here.

How do I split a PDF into multiple parts?

  • On your PC, launch the WPS PDF programme.

  • Choose the PDF file to divide by clicking the "Open" button.

  • After the file is open, go to the top of the screen and select the "Page" tab.

  • By clicking on the first page and then holding the "Shift" key while choosing the last page of the range, you may split the page range. Holding the "Ctrl" key while clicking on each page allows you to choose non-consecutive pages.

  • In the top toolbar, click the "Split" button.

  • Choose the choices for your split document in the "Split Document" dialogue box that opens, such as the page range for each divided document, the file name, and the output folder.

WPS Split Features Takes the Lead

While there are several excellent PDF splitters for Windows 10, WPS PDF comes highly recommended. It's a user-friendly and dependable choice with all the capabilities you need to swiftly and simply divide PDF files. So, if you're looking for a great PDF splitter for Windows 10, be sure to give WPS PDF a try by clicking here.

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