Swifdoo Free Trial: Is It Worth Using This PDF Editor

July 31, 20231.0K views

Swifdoo PDF is one of the best PDF Editors on Windows. SwifDoo PDF makes it easy to make changes to PDFs, like fixing typos, adding pages, links, or images, removing content, or cropping pages. You can use it whenever you need to make changes to your PDFs. This article covers Swifdoo PDF's features, compatibility and detail about its free trial.

Swifdoo Features

Swifdoo provides a wide range of tools for your PDF needs. Here's more about a few of its most popular tools. You can use these tools for free to handle your documents and make your workflow more efficient.

Simple PDF Editing

Users can change the font size, style, and color and convert text into superscripts or subscripts. It's also easy to copy and paste the text. Also, the powerful OCR feature lets you find and read the text in scanned PDFs.

Inserting Images and Links

SwifDoo PDF has unique link actions that let you move to a new page in the same document, an external web page, or a specific document. You can also add images to a PDF and change how transparent they are.

PDF Merging

In a couple of clicks, users can merge multiple PDF files into one and combine certain pages in each PDF. With SwifDoo PDF, it might be easier to merge PDFs than you imagine.

Split Pages

Users may split up large PDF files into smaller ones if they need to work with them. SwifDoo PDF works well as a tool for splitting a PDF into several files. Also, users can choose which pages get saved as PDFs.


You can decrease PDFs by compressing them. PDF compression is helpful in two ways, firstly, Compressing PDFs into smaller files speeds up file transfers and keeps servers from slowing down. Secondly, A smaller file also takes up less space in the storage system.

Lower file quality without data loss

SwifDoo PDF uses a compression algorithm to reduce the file size by removing duplication. Compression loses no data and only targets unnecessary data.

These are the most popular SwifDoo PDF tools; this application also provides a wide range of tools for converting, organizing, editing, protecting, and optimizing PDF files.

SwifDoo PDF Compatibility

All operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 and 11 are fully compatible with SwifDoo. It does not support Android or iOS smartphones or Mac Operating systems.

Is SwifDoo PDF Free?

Initially, it offers a free trial where you can benefit from some limited features. But, if you like the product, you can buy its premium version with more advanced features.

Final Thoughts

Although SwifDoo PDF is not as compatible and advanced as WPS Office, it is also a complete PDF tool with all of the features most users need. This free software has an easy-to-use interface where most of the main features are laid out and can be found and used quickly on the main screen. SwifDoo PDF is the most useful PDF editor, and new users and professionals can use it effectively.

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