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The Nitro PDF Reader is more than just a software tool for opening PDF documents. You have the choice to add your comments to the document, share it with others, and privately add your digital signature while converting hundreds of file formats into PDFs. You can get the Nitro PDF Reader for free by following the steps below, and two free weeks of the Pro version if you do.

How to Download Nitro PDF Reader Free For Windows 10/11 and Installation


1-The sidebar's Download button will launch the Nitro PDF Reader page when you click it. 2-You must enter a working email first and last name before you can download the application. 3-Setup will download when you click the Download Now button. 4-Setup will start when you click on the downloaded file. 5-Choose the language and the target folder. 6-You can use the following 4 options by clicking the advanced link and clicking the Install button: - Automatic Nitro updates - Make Nitro your main PDF viewer. - Install the Nitro Pro extension for Firefox and Edge. - For every Office 365 program, provide a Nitro toolbar.

7-Returning to the installer's main screen, click Save, and then click Install.

Review of Nitro PDF Reader

The free Nitro PDF Reader is a reliable application you can online download free for windows 10/11 that can do many crucial PDF-related actions, even though it lacks some of the more sophisticated functions of Nitro PDF Reader Pro, PDF to Word, OCR (Optical character recognition), and producing searchable documents. This is the pricing plan of Nitro, click here to know more: Nitro Pro Free Trial Detail and Pricing

You may generate PDF files, add notes, fill out forms, and digitally sign documents with the Nitro PDF Reader.

The program has clearly displayed its functionality and is quite simple to use. There are no buttons on the free version of the program that you click to find out what you need to update to use. Interface for Nitro PDF Reader Without installing online a PDF printer driver, it makes it simple to convert various file formats, to a PDF.

Feature of the Nitro PDF Reader

  • Create PDFs: You can convert more than 300 file formats into safe PDF files using drag and drop capability. Select colour, page size, and your work.
  • Add comments, highlight phrases or paragraphs, and strike out or underline text when working with others.
  • Signing documents electronically to create a signature, snap a photo of your signature. The signature can then be quickly uploaded using Quick Sign.
  • Your papers can be password-protected to prevent unauthorized users from accessing them.
  • Compatible with most major PDF readers, Nitro PDF makes it simple to share documents with co-workers, groups, and professors.


The free Nitro PDF Reader allows you a lot of control over PDF documents and is one of the most well-known and original PDF readers. Make notes including a time stamp, add a digital signature or certificate, and then upload the document to the Nitro PDF Reader cloud for simple sharing. You can easily download WPS PDF for Windows, mac, Android and also download it for mobile applications. If you want to know which is more suitable for you, click here: WPS PDF VS Nitro PDF | Comparison of Which is The Best?

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