The Best Way to Convert JPG to PDF Mac

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In a corporate environment, there arise several situations when converting JPG files to PDF extensions becomes a must. But, this situation is problematic, because attempting to do so might compress the file or even transform it completely in some cases. The user is not expecting such developments.

Using the right sort of tools, however, makes JPG to PDF edition conversions a breeze over Mac. This keeps the results ideal as well. Using WPS office tools is one of the best ways to go about the processes. This simplifies life for a user in several ways and offers an entire range of tools for a range of conversions and similar tasks.

Why Do JPG to PDF Conversions Become a Must?

JPG is a static format. But, PDF format is characterized by being more dynamic, while being adaptable and flexible. Converting to PDF resolves a range of pain points for a user.

1. Print

PDF is a printer-friendly option. So, when a file is converted to PDF, a host of printing options present themselves.

2. Refine

There is a range of ways by which a file can be refined upon being converted to PDF format. This includes adding additional images, customizing text, and making size adjustments.

3. Compile

Converting JPG to PDF format lets one compile multiple JPG images into a single PDF. Building a portfolio simplifies this way, and so does sharing.

4. Safeguard

Password-protecting the PDF format is easy, so tampering becomes easy to avoid.

5. Collaboration

Collaboration with others simplifies upon pairing the PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Within the PDF itself, a user can collaborate via feedback and comments.

Top Ways to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac

1. Using the WPS PDF Tool

WPS Office Suite is the top of its kind in the industry and has been downloaded over 1.2 billion times. In terms of versatility, WPS Office Suite is comparable with Microsoft Office Suite. A user can easily leverage this tool for converting from JPG to PDF format.

a. Open the WPS app on your Macbook and click on the “Apps” option.

b. Choose “Picture to PDF”.

c. A new window now opens up, which will be titled “Picture to PDF”, based on the selection made. Drag your file to this window to convert it.

d. After you have dragged the file, you can change the output based on your preference.

e. Finish the settings

f.Click “Convert”

With these simple steps, converting JPG to PDF format is easy using WPS Office tools.

2. Using Preview

Using the Preview program is also one of the best ways to transform JPG to PDF on Mac.

a. Open your JPG file with Preview by default by double clicking on it.

b. On the top menu, locate the "File">"Export as PDF" button and click on it.

c. Now, to save JPG as PDF, rename the file in the new pop-up window.

d. To save the PDF file in your local folder, choose an output folder.

3. Using iLovePDF

It may be possible that the solution that you derived using Preview did not match up with your expectations. In such a case, iLovePDF is likely to get the desired outcomes for your requirements. Let us take a look at the steps to go about the same.

a. On your Mac, open the iLovePDF software.

b. Go to the “Tools” option.

c. Press “Image to PDF”.

d. Go to the “Open File” section and drop your file there.

e. Now, toward the end of the procedure, select your margins.

f. Press “Convert to PDF”.

g. This lets you have your JPG file converted to PDF format.

4. Using Apwersoft PDF Converter

Here’s how we go about it.

a. Open the Apowerosft PDF converter software.

b. Click the “Convert to PDF” option.

c. Into the “Add Files” section, drag and drop your extension.

d. Choose the block that says “Image to PDF”.

e. When you press convert, you’d get the expected output.

5. Using Acrobat Online Services

Acrobat online services are also one of the top ways of converting JPG to PDF format. This will work on all devices, iPhones, iPad, or laptops. Let us take a look at the steps to go about the same:

a. The File button is towards the top which you need to Click and Select. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files into the drop zone.

b. Choose the image that you intend to convert to PDF.

c. When the image is uploaded, it converts to the PDF format by itself, from an image format.

d. Download the file.

e. Use a unique file name to save your compressed new PDF files.

f. If you intend to share your file, you’d have to sign in.

6. Using PDFCandy

a. Go to the PDFCandy website.

b. Open the JPG toPDF converter.

c. Choose the pictures for conversion by clicking +Add file.

d. Into the browser, find and drag the desired files.

e.You may alternately use Dropbox cloud storage or Google Drive to add JPG or JPEG files.

f. You also choose to select multiple pics if you intend to convert them in bulk. The pics will follow the same order in the new PDF as they are placed in the preview.

g. Use menus to select the quality and format of the output file.

  • Size Options

    Define the page size of the PDF document here. Choose among A4, US Letter, and Original Size.

  • Page Layout

    If it is the A4 size or US Letter option that you choose, you’d have a choice of selecting between Landscape and Portrait. But if you keep Auto, then the tool automatically sets this.

  • Margins

    This will have three options: No Margin, Small Margin, and Big Margin.

h. When you’re done, click Convert.

Convert JPG to PDF with WPS

In this article, we have discussed a few of the top and finest methods to convert images from JPG to PDF format. The first method used, which is the WPS Office suite, is the ideally suited method for your requirements, primarily due to low project turnaround times and the quality of work. WPS Office Suite is an advanced suite of tools that is 100% free to use. Download it today, as the functionality of the tools is elaborate and outstanding.

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