The Lightweight PDF Editor is Here – PDF Xchange Lite

July 31, 2023573 views

The only condition is that you may not use Pdf Xchange Lite in any way for any business or commercial purpose. As a result, all home users and students now have access to a reliable, industrial pdf creation tool that can use with any application.

Pdf Xchange lite is the most popular product for generating Adobe-compliant pdf files from virtually any Windows, pc, or mobile. It is a simplified version of the Pdf Xchange standard application and very lightweight, and you won't even comprehend that it is on your device, occupying a tiny space and doing giant jobs.

Why is PDF Xchange Lite in So Much Demand?

1.Free Programme for pdf Users

Users can convert various file types into pdf documents using Pdf-Xchange Lite's specialized software. The program claims to be fast, easy to use, and compatible with all file types.

2.Creating Instant pdfs

The free software version does not come with the included help file. It is so easy to use that the help file isn't needed, although it may present some difficulties initially.

3.PDFs on Demand

Be sure to take the time to try PDF-Xchange Lite if you're looking for a straightforward approach to converting your files to PDFs.


Free to download and use

Easy to get to grips with


Not many features

It doesn’t come with a UI

The Enhanced OCR plugin is now a selectable extra in PDF-Xchange Lite. It's faster, more accurate, and more dynamic than the built-in OCR engine and offers several other features. 

WPS Office VS. PDF Xchange Lite

7 Days Trial WPS OfficeDownload Now

You can start your project using one of the many templates available with both programs. But, the WPS Office offers a much higher percentage of free templates. The app also enables pen input, which is terrific if you want to use them on a table with a stylus.

A built-in document scanner, a note-taking mode, and even a pdf viewer/editor are all included with WPS Office. Additionally, the program supports a multi-window mode that lets you work on several projects simultaneously.

You can download free WPS office for your windows pc or mobile without any payments. Compared with that and other highlights, WPS offers more benefits than pdf Xchanger lite, such as free 7-day trial and very low subscription prices.

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