Things you need to know about WPS in CNET

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WPS in CNET is a lightweight, comprehensive, and feature-rich office suite. It offers free access to different applications, including Spreadsheets, Word, PDF, Presentations, and much more. Most importantly, this office software suit is available on all devices. You can easily create, edit, view, and share all your word, excel, pdf, ppt, etc., documents on the go using this specific software.

WPS in CNET - Free trial

WPS Office is an entirely free software to use for its consumers. You can access all the important features of WPS without paying anything. Ultimately, you can use this all-in-one office suite anywhere, anytime, on the go. Everything is available here for free if you need to use WPS Word, WPS Presentation, WPS PDF, and WPS Spreadsheet.

1. WPS in CNET - Coupon or discount

As WPS Office is available for free to use already, therefore, CNET doesn’t have any discount or coupon code for users here.

2. WPS in CNET - Download overview

WPS has a 5 out of 5 stars rating in CNET, which is pretty amazing. The software is not only lucrative because it’s available for free. It is also a great choice for people who needs an all-in-one office suite. It keeps adding new features to amaze its consumers in the best possible way.

You can use WPS in CNET for different Windows versions. These include:

Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Windows Vista

Above all, the downloading process of the WPS Office is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t require any technical skills. Get the latest version at

Overview of key features of WPS in CNET

WPS Office is an all-in-one office suite that has combined virtually everything. The main applications included in WPS Office include Excel, PDF, Word, Forms, and PowerPoint.

1. A lucrative template library

WPS Office even has an extensive template library for each application. You can find and use different built-in templates to start working on your documents. Using these templates can accelerate creating and editing of certain documents for WPS users.

2. Cloud Storage

WPS Office also offers a Cloud Storage facility. Due to this, you can easily access any of your documents stored on the Cloud quickly. This feature has made WPS Office super-efficient and easier to use the software on the go.

3. Collaboration features

Do you want to work with your team on a certain project? Fortunately, WPS also offers decent collaboration features. This software can work seamlessly with Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, and Google Classroom. Moreover, you can also share your created documents with your peers easily.

7 Days Trial WPS OfficeDownload now!

To access all these amazing features of WPS Office, you can use the link here Download the WPS from here today to start working on your documents quickly.

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