Top 4 PDF Converter for Mac

January 4, 2023419 views

Since PDF provides rich document results, gaining more and more popularity these days. But sometimes, for different reasons, PDF documents need to convert the PDF files to other formats on Mac. 

PDF converter for Mac can be the best tool for a productivity boost. PDF converters and editors can save time in re-typing a whole new document. The reality is that no one wants to re-type the things that already went from your hands. In this article, we'll see the top 10 best PDF converters for Mac on an advanced level. 

Mac users think that they have limited resources as compared to Windows applications. Most of us can agree on this point. But that doesn't mean you can't use free resources on Mac devices. Let's take the example of free PDF converters on Mac. 

Following are the list of the best PDF converter for Mac. Some of them are entirely free, and some of them are paid. 

1. WPS Converter of Mac

If you're looking for the best PDF converter for Mac, then WPS Converter is possibly the best option available today. There are many reasons to put it at the top of the list. The most significant reason for putting WPS Converter at the top is that it provides amazingly advanced features and conversion results. 

It converts PDF to different formats, including PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to Images (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF), PDF to HTML, PDF to RTF, and many more.

Pros of WPS Converter for Mac

It supports batch conversion, which means you can convert multiple files in one click.No matter how heavy your document is, it handles your files smoothly.It has stringent security policies; your documents are kept safe within the organization.It also supports the OCR feature that lets you convert your scanned PDFs into editable formats.

2. Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

Nuance is another PDF Converter for Mac with the same features as UPDF. The difference between these two is that UPDF is a free tool, whereas Nuance is not. With Nuance, you don't have to worry about the manual adjustments as it keeps the original formatting intact. The good thing about Nuance is that it supports OCR (Actually, UPDF will support OCR soon in 2022) technology. This feature lets you scan your PDF documents and present them in editable content.

Pros of Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

Nuance can produce professional documents.It offers collaboration tools.Supports OCR technology.Also available on Windows OS.

Cons of Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

Doesn't support any online service.Although it's a paid tool, you can use it for free on trial.Only access one document at a time.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is another powerful and most famous PDF Converter for Mac. Adobe Inc is the parent company of Acrobat DC and many other products. No doubt, the features of Adobe products are one of the finest, but they are pretty expensive though. Adobe should look up its pricing plans. Otherwise, competition is stronger day by day, with many tools providing free PDF solutions. Take UPDF as an example. It has every feature presented in Adobe Acrobat DC. 

Pros of Adobe Acrobat DC for Mac

It lets to convert your PDF files to any format.Saves much time by editing the PDFs to word or excel.

Cons of Adobe Acrobat DC for Mac

Comes on a bit of the higher side of pricing.Can't collaborate with others.

4. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is the next best PDF Converter for Mac after Adobe Acrobat DC. However, PDF Expert only supports conversion from other formats to PDF format but does not support conversion from PDF to other formats.

PDF Expert is also a fast and straightforward PDF editor. You can edit text, images, links, fill out forms, etc. The interface design is so elegant that it provides more joy while reading your PDF contents. Apart from converting PDFs to any Microsoft format, PDF Expert includes OCR technology, protecting sensitive data, editing, annotating, etc. The good thing about PDF Expert is that it is available on multiple Apple devices, iPhones, iPad, and Mac.

Pros of PDF Expert for Mac

Allows you to edit or create your documents with ease.You can also create your digital signature in it.It Opens PDFs quickly no matter how big your document is.Supports multiple languages.

Cons of PDF Expert for Mac

Not a free tool.Editing PDFs capabilities are limited; you can create signature boxes and fillable forms.A bit difficult when it comes to navigating files.

Free Trial of PDF Converter for Mac of WPS Office

Finally, we've reached the end! Above seen some of the finest PDF converters for Mac and their features. From free to paid, every PDF editor or converter has its demand. Many users prefer to use the free tools because mostly Mac applications are usually expensive as compared to Windows applications. And some users chose to go with the paid tools because of security integrity concerns. If you have these concerns and want to use a free tool for converting PDF documents, we'd recommend you go with the WPS. It's completely free and offers the same document security as Adobe Acrobat DC and Foxit PhantomPDF.


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