Top 5 DBF to PDF Converters for Windows 10

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This article provides a rundown of the best dbf to pdf converters that can be used on a computer running Windows 10 and 8, enabling you to examine files with the.dbf extension. Before discussing the viewers in 2021 and 2022, let's define a dbf file.

What exactly is a dbf file?

The dBASE database management application uses dbf files, which are essentially database files. Like every database file, this one uses an array data structure to keep track of a large number of records. xBase, Visual FoxPro, Clipper, FoxBase, and other database products can open this file type.

To view a dbf file on a Windows 10 PC, you'll either need a specialized program or one that supports this file format already. In this article, I'll go through five different programs that can open and view dbf files on a Windows and mac computer. Go and see for yourself!

Top 5 DBF to PDF Converters

WPS Office: best overall


Dbf files can be viewed and converted to pdf on Windows 10 and 8 and mac with the free office suite WPS Office download and WPS PDF. You may use the Spreadsheet module to view a dbf file from the various office modules that it comes with. Any data in the spreadsheet can be viewed by simply opening a dbf file. Multiple ways to examine data include zoom, fullscreen, split-screen, and more.

With this best tool, you may do all sorts of dbf file manipulations like adding or removing data fields and record edits right from the file itself. As a bonus, you can use it to export data in many forms, including xls and csv.



It is possible to use OpenOffice as a free dbf viewer and a dbf to pdf converter to download online for Windows 10. In addition to document processing, spreadsheets and presentations are just a few features of this widely used office suite. An open-source spreadsheet program called OpenOffice Calc can be used to view dbf files. It allows you to explore data sources, highlight values, use the zoom tool, and open a navigator to view different aspects.

Data sorting and filtering, validity checks, consolidation, pivot tables, and more are all part of this package. Editing records is also a breeze with the program's array of insert, delete, modify, and format options. It is possible to save a dbf file in a variety of other formats as well. Exporting dbf to pdf is also possible in this software



Free and open-source office suite LibreOffice comes with the LibreOffice Calc software. This program can be used as a dbf file viewer and a dbf to pdf converter because it supports importing and viewing dbf files.

This tool is possible to add new records, insert new fields, remove existing fields from dbf files, and delete selected records. You can even export a dbf file to various other formats, such as csv, xls, and xml. There are also data sorting, filtering, pivot tables, formulae, calculating and graphing tools in this program and many others.

DBF Commander


To read dbf files, dbf Commander is a free Windows application that can be used. If you're looking for a free version, you can download it online.

dbt and fpt memo database files can also be viewed using this decent dBASE file viewer. You can use it to discover things, sort them, apply filters, mark and conceal columns, navigate to records and fields, and so on. Editing tools like Append/Insert Record, Delete Record, Delete Field, and others are also included in this program. Because it's a database management system, you can use it to edit and update dbf files. It also has a printing option.

dbf viewer's pro edition has a few capabilities that are not available in its free version. It is also a dbf to pdf converter.

DBF Viewer Plus


dbf Viewer Plus is a Windows 10 application that allows you to view dbf files. A dbf file can be opened and its contents are seen. Search, Form View, Enlarge, Table View, etc. are all included in the dbf viewer. In addition, it allows you to apply various filters to the data you are looking for.

Additionally, dbf files can be used for editing and updating entries and fields stored in them, rather than merely reading them. If you want to accomplish that, you can use capabilities like direct editing, the ability to insert tables of various types (such as FoxPro), the ability to add new columns and delete fields, and more. You can also export a dbf file to various file types, such as csv, xls, wks, txt, pdf, rtf, xml, and html. It is possible to edit and convert dbf files to pdf using dbf Viewer Plus as a viewer.

WPS Office may be used on any computer or mobile device. Download it now. This version of the suite allows for the creation and editing of documents. This functionality is available to you at no additional cost.

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