Top 5 PDF Merger for PC

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Top 5 PDF Merger for PC
In this article, you will learn:
  1. 1. WPS

  2. 2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

  3. 3. Soda PDF Desktop

  4. 4. iLovePDF Desktop

  5. 5. UPDF

  6. Free Trial of PDF Merger for PC of WPS Office

One of the most sought-after features in today's software is the ability to merge PDF files. This article will provide you with information on the top ten PDF merger software, along with full introductions to each program, so that you can select the one that meets your needs the most effectively.

Merging PDF files is vital if you want to have all of the important information in just one file, rather than searching for it in many files, and if you want to avoid unnecessary duplication. By doing things in this manner, not only do you get the opportunity to save time, but you also spare yourself the trouble of having to deal with different attachments. Check the best 10 PDF combiners for desktops and online on this article.

You will need the best PDF joiner software, which will make it simple for you to merge multiple PDF files into a single document.

We will walk you through a number of different software options, each of which will fulfill your specifications and make the PDF merging process run smoothly.

1. WPS

Free and open-source, WPS Basic is both a PDF merger & splitter tool. You may select to combine single pages, page ranges, or full PDFs, just as you can with any other PDF Converter.

By allowing you to drop current bookmarks and add new ones, this program goes above and beyond to assist arrange the bookmarks of the combined PDF documents.

You may also add a table of contents to the combined PDF to make it easier to find what you're looking for. It's also possible to rotate each page of the PDFs, mix them by selecting pages from each PDF alternately, as well as the ability to divide PDFs into predetermined pages, after every page, and so on, as well as by size or bookmark.


Allows you to rotate PDFs before merging them into one.A table of contents may be added using this feature.As a PDF splitter, it's also quite useful.It's possible to mix and match different types of PDFs.Supports partial merging of PDF files


Java is required to run this application.

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

This tool is one of the best PDF binders on the market. It's amazing how easy it is to combine or merge any PDF file, whether it is a native or scanned version. You may rearrange the documents and pages to meet your specific requirements by utilizing the handy drag-and-drop tool.

Even better, the enormous page thumbnails make it simple to distinguish between the various pages. Adding batch processing and high-quality output, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC provides you total control over the output and greatly simplifies the workflow. Adobe Acrobat Pro is the best PDF merge software.

Besides splitting and merging PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC lets you manage the same document by removing, rotating, arranging, inserting, and replacing pages as needed. Professional file structures are promised in the shortest amount of time feasible, saving you both time and effort.


Splits and merges PDF files.Allows for the extraction and insertion of PDF pages.Allows you to organize the merged PDFs before putting them togetherAllows for quick page identification and categorization by providing thumbnails.Allows for the much-desired drag-and-drop functionality.


It's rather costly.

3. Soda PDF Desktop

As a PDF merger, Soda PDF works both online and on the desktop. Among Soda PDF's online tools is the ability to merge PDF files. Soda PDF's online version is more popular, but you may still use the desktop version to work offline. As an added bonus, it integrates with well-known online storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can re-arrange the PDF files you want to combine once you've added them. While you can change the page size and orientation, the PDF pages stay in their original format. You may also eliminate any unnecessary pages from the original document by using the PDF Split tool.


Options for bulk PDF importDropbox and Google Drive cloud storage services can be used together.Keeps the original dimensions and orientation of the PDF.Offers a PDF Splitting tool.It may be accessed both online and offline


Unlike the paid version, the free version has a restriction on storage space and daily usage.


4. iLovePDF Desktop

One of the best online PDF merging tools, iLovePDF also has a desktop version for those who prefer to work offline. It allows you to merge multiple PDF files in a couple of seconds and then download the result.

Once the combined PDF files are created, you have the option to rotate and reorganize them alphabetically, including in reverse, or simply drag and drop PDFs to define a specific order before exporting. It is a PDF combiner free download option.

When it comes to storing PDFs, Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services are linked, allowing for easy import and saving of files. Encrypted connections mean that your papers are safe from prying eyes, while yet allowing for high levels of productivity.


Allows you to rotate PDFs prior to merging.Freely rearrange the PDFs as you see fit.All of your files are safe and secure.Google Drive and Dropbox services are supported.Quick and simple to understand.


A limited free version


When it comes to editing PDF files, UPDF is an outstanding choice for both Windows and Mac users. For free, you may view, edit, convert, encrypt, organize, and annotate PDF files without revealing any personal information. In order to meet the demands of an office setting, the free PDF editor has been built to speed up the editing process.



You may highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in your PDF document using its advanced capabilities. Sticky notes, different shapes, and comments may also be added.Your PDF files can also be signed by you and shared with your friends or co-workers.In addition, you'll have complete control over your PDF document's layout and design. You may also make changes to the text and images in your PDF files with UPDF.Using UPDF as a PDF converter will allow you to export your PDF files to Microsoft Word or Excel, etc.All four major operating systems are now supported by UPDF. The features of UPDF change depending on whatever version you choose. Many more features like the PDF combiner feature are on their way in the next months.


UPDF is simple to use, even for first-timers.The all-in-one PDF tool allows you to perform all operations in one place to save time.Achieved high conversion accuracy while preserving the original format.100% secure and reliable.It offers an awesome free version and you can save changes in 1 file each day without any watermarks and limitations.


The merge feature is not released yet but will be available soon.

Free Trial of PDF Merger for PC of WPS Office

Choosing the best PDF merge tool depends on what your specific demands are. You may use a free online solution to combine PDFs now and then. But you need to check the security of your documents. If you are still worried about security, you should choose a desktop solution. We recommend you use WPS for merging your PDF files.

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