Top PDF Editor for Mac (2024 Updated)

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Editing your PDFs on MacBook may be complex without a PDF  editor. PDF editor for Mac enables you to edit, print, add comments, make changes, protect, and more on your PDFs instantly. PDF editors for Mac are a dream software for those who use PDFs for their work, assignments, reading, writing, and more.

Why You Need a PDF Editor for Mac

You need a PDF editor for Mac to make your work easy. Moreover, the softwares ensure you work smoothly without wasting your precious time. Below are reasons for getting a PDF editor for Mac:

1. Smooth work

PDF editor can make your work smoother and more manageable. Their user-friendly interface helps you view, edit, print, convert, and do more smoothly.

2. Saves time and energy

What if your MacBook cannot open a PDF file? Will you convert it to a Word document, edit and then convert it again? That’s a complex process. A PDF editor for Mac ensures that you can open, edit and do a lot in just a few clicks. They save your precious time and energy which can be put into something more valuable.

Best PDF Editors for Mac in 2023

Amongst numerous PDF Editors, we have selected the best ones mentioned below. The best editors will have an exemplary user interface, advanced features, updated versions, customer support, and more.

1. WPS Office

WPS Office is the best PDF editor for Mac. Its multipurpose software allows Mac users to view, edit, draw, annotate, and do more on PDFs. WPS Office has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Moreover, the software has a free version with good features. The software has a vast library of templates available for free on its website. You can check out their premium and business plans here.


  • Allows you to open, read, edit, and save PDF files.

  • Enables you to draw, annotate, add texts and images, comments, sticky notes, and more.

  • Has a variety of tools

  • Allows you to convert printable documents to PDFs and vice versa

  • Allows you to print PDFs

  • Enables you to work on multiple formats simultaneously.

Tip for Using

  • Download the software

  • Check out its unique features in the toolbar

  • Edit texts and images, draw, annotate, and do more

  • Save PDFs on your MacBook

  • Share with a few clicks


A G2 review of the software says, “you can have the equivalent of the word, excel, PowerPoint and pdf in a single application and a single window. So you don´t have to open 4 windows and switch between these 4 four windows.”

Another G2 review states, “The best thing about WPS office is that it supports all formats - pdf, doc, excel sheets, ppt presentations and many more. WPS office provides a way for users to work easily and make changes to the documents as if we were using a laptop instead of a mobile.”

2. Skim

Skim is a free PDF editor for MacBook. It supports and is compatible with MacOS and its preview program. The software was designed for viewing and reading scientific papers only; however, users can edit, highlight, and do more on this software. Skim is a good software; however, it lacks a user-friendly interface.


  • It lets you view and read them in full screen

  • Lets you edit, highlight and add notes to texts

  • Lets you magnify and crop


  • Lacks a user-friendly interface

Tips for Using

  • Download the software from its website

  • Open, upload, or create a new PDF

  • View, read, or make changes through features available in the toolbar.

  • Use the magnifier and crop tool

  • Read on full screen

  • Save and share the document


There are no reviews of this software currently

3. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat is a well-known software for Windows and Mac. Moreover, the software has developed its app for IOS and Android. It has a user-friendly interface, great features, and tools allow users to view, read, edit texts and images, add notes, highlight, and do more. The software is famous for its protection tool. The software lets you protect your files by adding signatures and passwords. Moreover, you can restrict viewers from copying and editing your content.


  • Lets you view and read your PDFs smoothly.

  • It has excellent protection features.

  • It lets you restrict viewers from editing and copying the content of PDFs

  • It lets you edit, add and remove texts and images, add comments, and more on files.

  • It lets you protect your files with your signatures.


  • Slow with large and complex PDFs

Tips for Using

  • Download this software from its website

  • Open or create a PDF file

  • Edit, highlight, read, write, add notes, add comments, and do more.

  • Explore the toolbar for more functions

  • Restrict the viewers from copying and editing in the security function

  • Save and share the file


People have reviewed Adobe Acrobat PDF reader 4.5 / 5 out of 5. An Appstore reviews state about the software, “It's very useful as it secures all of my PDF files easily and with its easy to use document cloud I have all my files sharing facility available.”

FAQs about the PDF Editor for Mac

Are good PDF editors for Mac costly?

Good PDF editors for Mac are free of cost. The basic/standard version of every PDF Editor for Mac is free; however, they have limited features. One such software is WPS Office, that’s free to use and has various free features.

Are PDF editors only for professionals?

No. Anyone can use a PDF editor. WPS Office is for everyone. You can use WPS Office smoothly if you are a student, teacher, office employee, employer, or average individual. It allows you to view, read, edit, draw, annotate, and do more.

Learn More about the PDF Editor for Mac

Viewing and editing PDFs can be complex when you have no PDF software for MacBook; however, we have mentioned the best PDF editor for Mac that you can download in 2023. Amongst the three softwares, we recommend WPS Office.

WPS Office is a safe place; it's a software you can use without any knowledge of the software. You can do wonders with its advanced tools and rule on your PDFs. The software and its PDF tool let users draw, annotate, edit, protect, fill in, add texts and images, convert PDFs to other formats, and more. Further, You also can print PDFs through the software. Surprisingly, the software is free and has free tools available online. Download yours here now!

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