Unravel how to write or create annual report in PowerPoint 2022

October 11, 2022 |

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Unravel how to write or create annual report in PowerPoint 2022
In this article, you will learn:
  1. How to Write an Annual Report in Powerpoint?

What is an Annual report?

The Annual reports are properly presented documents used for gathering and disseminating factual information during the course of a business year. The goal of this type of reporting is to offer the information required for choices to be made and actions to be done. You may be required to create annual reports for local sports facilities, school activities, and transportation services, among other things.

Characteristics of an effective report

  • Always use formal language while writing reports.
  • Maintain an easy-to-read and understandable structure and layout.
  • Keep it real, not fictional.
  • Check for proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
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How to Write an Annual Report in Powerpoint?

Why on Powerpoint?

When developing reports with PowerPoint, you don't have to worry about anchoring items or introducing new material that might disrupt the established arrangement. It's a clean slate for writing and presenting data, from adding new images to changing text boxes on a website. This article will walk you through the simple stages of writing or creating an annual report in PowerPoint in 2022.

Steps to Write or Create a Weekly Report

Title and heading

A cover page that describes the subject of your report. A report on a Bsc Agriculture sciences final year project, for example.


A professional report begins with a good description of each subject. Outline your aims for the coming week and what you did the previous week, for example.


This portion will almost certainly include facts, figures, and impersonal language. Personal opinions, such as the phrases "I," "Us," and "We," should be avoided in this section. However, it should address the following issues: WHAT, WHY, WHO, HOW, WHERE and WHEN. This is the most crucial section of your report where you must present meaningful information to the reader of the report, your lecturer, or your boss about your findings or progress in research related to the project. Use relevant subheadings, numbers/statistics, and etc.

Final recommendations or suggestions

This is the section in which everything comes together - Provide suggestions for improvements and highlight the flaws that must be corrected. Finally, insert a signature, name, and date at the conclusion of the report.

WPS Office Presentation - Best Way to Create Weekly Reports

The WPS Presentation tool is one of the most productive and cost-free presentation-creation tools. The built-in work and business report templates are the best feature of WPS Presentation; there are numerous templates available for us to work with, so we can easily prepare papers to present in slideshows. The user interface of the WPS Office Presentation software is straightforward. We can not only report, but also save the presentation in many formats and convert ppt files to other formats such as PDFs. The output file may be lowered in size without sacrificing quality; it has all of the tools required to construct a presentation. These are the main features of the WPS Presentation tool. For further features download the WPS Office app now.

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