W9 Form with Filling Tips

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What is a W9 Form?

When to request a W9 form, Form W9 is essential for doing business with independent contractors and freelance workers. If you are paying independent contractors or freelancers more than 600. Each for completed work and those people aren't employed by you. You need to collect a duly filled W9 form. In short, W-9 is a very simple form that identifies a payee of an amount. The W9 form data is used by the payer to fill various information reports to the IRS. Who requests identification in W9 and from whom? The identification info in form W9 is requested by the payer from the payee.

Apart from that if you are legally obliged to file the following forms. You must obtain W9 from payees.

  • Form 1099 div dividends including those from stocks or mutual funds.

  • Form 1099 miscellaneous various types of income prizes awards or gross proceeds.

  • Form 1099 b stock or mutual fund sales and certain other transactions by brokers.

  • Form 1099-s proceeds from real estate transactions.

  • Form 1099 k merchant card and third-party network transactions.

  • Form 1098 home mortgage interest 1098e student loan interest 1098-t tuition.

  • Form 1099-c cancelled debt.

  • Form 1099-a acquisition or abandonment of secured property.

How to download W9 Form?

  • First thing, you have to do is log into the internet with your login and password.

  • Once you are the internet in the dashboard what you have to do is go to my market center internet.

  • And from that point you're going to, go to the documents within the market center, so click on market center.

  • Then you click on documents.

  • And then from there you search for all the documents, that you might need. In this case, office document, if there it is office w9 2022.

  • So this is the document you're looking for, and what you will do is you press download and you download whatever you like.

  • In this case, download it to the downloads folder and save and that's how you get the w9 form.

  • Check this video for detail operation on windows. www.youtube.com/watch?v=paY_hUfuUR4

How to submit W9 Form?

Form W9 is not filed to IRS, you need to hand over the w-9 to the requester who may be your client.

This can be done by secured email sent by courier or handover manually.

What if w9 forms are not given by the payees to the requester.

if you have a contractor, who won't provide form W9 with the correct 10 or ssn, the IRS requires that you start withholding tax money at the rate of 28 of your payments to that contractor,until you receive the correctly filled w9 form. 

Also, note that if you do not resort to backup withholding if the payee fails to submit w9 IRS may impose penalty on you and brought to you by its tax app.

Tips for filling out a W9 Form

1. Filling out the W-9 2022 is very important for taxpayer. Thus, to help you avoid some common mistakes, we list some general instructions below:

2. Make sure that the name, address, SSN, EIN are completely correct, or you may pay a high price for the mistake you made.

3. Handle off the W-9 form in person. If not, add a password to your PDF document and email it securely to the requester. ( you can password protect PDF and email PDF with EaseUS PDF editing program) Save the filled W-9 form for further use.

9 Steps - How to fill out W9 Form

Step 1. Download the latest W-9 form from the IRS website, and check the date in the top left corner of the form because it is updated occasionally. Next, download and launch EaseUS PDF form filler to open the W-9 form.

Step 2. Type your full name in line 1, and it should match the name on your individual tax return.

Step 3. Write your business name in line 2 if it is different from the name you entered above. If you don't have a business name, you can leave this line blank.

Step 4. Confirm what type of business entity you are for federal tax classification: sole proprietorship, S Corporation, C Corporation, Limited Liability Company trust/estate, or other. Just check the appropriate box.

Step 5. If you are an individual, you can leave this line blank. If you are exempt from backup withholding, enter the exemption code that applies to you.

Step 6. Type the address where the request of the W-9 form will mail your information returns to.

Step 7. Enter your city, state, and ZIP code. Then for the following line – Account number(s), it is an optional line where you can choose to fill in or not. Usually, most individuals leave it blank.

Step 8. In the Part I, enter your Social Security number (SSN) or your employer identification number (EIN) according to your situation.

Note: Check the information you entered because a wrong TIN will cause issues with your payments or tax return or lead to the backup withholding later.

Step 9. When you finish all the items above, sign and date your W-9 form in Part II – Certification.

Download and fill W-9 Form now

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