What is PDF Combiner and What are the 5 Best PDF Combiners?

July 31, 2023850 views

When it comes to combining PDFs, you require an excellent pdf combiner that will provide good high-quality combined pdfs. This is what is PDF combiner. It of course a headache trying to find the right one among the hundreds that exist. Fortunately, a few pdf combiners are good. The best five are highlighted in this article below.

Top Reasons to Combine Pdf Files

There are many reasons why people choose to combine pdf files. It may be necessary that one to combine the pdfs but most of the time it is just a personal choice to do so. Here are the top reasons why people choose to combine pdf files:

1-It Is Much Easier to Print Combined Files

When different pdf documents are part of a single document, it makes no sense to print individual documents. Combining the documents and printing them as one large document is way easier and smarter. You also get to save time since you don’t need to open every single file and print it. Knowing what is pdf combiner is will therefore enable you to benefit and save a lot of time.

2-Combined Files Are Easy to Access

When it comes to managing large numbers of related pdf documents, it may be an uphill task. With a good pdf combiner like the WPS pdf combiner, a WPS PDF tool, you can easily manage the files as a single document. As such, you will be well organized and you will reduce any small errors, especially when dealing with legal documents. You will also be able to easily access the files much more easily.

3-Makes Sharing Easier

With a single document, you can easily share it with colleagues. Certain email providers also give you a minimum number of documents you can share. Having one pdf document that you can share will therefore work for you instead of multiple pdfs. You also reduce the likelihood of having to miss sharing a particular document. These are small mistakes that can be evaded when you know what is pdf combiner and how to utilize it well.

4-To Ensure Security of Your Documents

Highly confidential documents require that you have a good security system on your device. However, security begins with how well you store and access the pdf document. With a combined pdf document, you can easily secure it with a password and hence will not be easily accessed. WPS Office is a one-in-all pdf tool that can help you secure your combined document.

5-You Get to Save a Lot of Space

Having one document will help spare the storage space on your device.

Top 5 Pdf Combiners Available

1-Wps Office Pdf Combiner

WPS Office has the merge function for you to combine pdfs. It gives you a quicker and free way to merge pdfs. It tops the list of the best pdf combiners because it is easy to use, free, and available on every device at a go. The WPS PDF tool to combine files is available online as well as in the app offline.



EasePDF is an all-one-pdf tool containing several online pdf tools including a PDF combiner. The tool does not require any registration. It has a drag and drops feature for faster pdf combining. It can also be connected to google drive, OneDrive, and DropBox. It is however expensive with only 2 free trials a day. You must be prepared to pay at least $4 every month if you need to benefit from its pdf combining tool.



It is a free one-in-all pdf tool with a pdf combiner having 2 modes of combining, that is, the file-based and the page-based modes. You will however not be able to adjust the pages in your file.



Available on all operating systems, Smallpdf offers basic pdf combining services. It ensures the security of your document by deleting your file within one hour of uploading. It is also very easy to use.


5-Adobe Acrobat Dc

Adobe Acrobat is the father of pdf. It is also a one-in-all pdf tool. As such, it can perform all the functions including combining pdfs. It is available for different operating systems and is free to download. It allows you to add pdfs in bulk something which most other pdf combiner tools cannot do. The major disadvantage of adobe acrobat is that it requires a subscription fee with a 7-day free trial. It costs as much as $25 per month.


You must know what is pdf combiner in this era where pdf is the most common file format. The WPS office pdf combiner is among the best you can use and is free. If you want to experience how it works, you can download the app here https://pdf.wps.com.

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