What is PDF Filler and How Do You Use it?

July 31, 2023867 views

A pdf form filler is a tool that is used most commonly in business, academic, and even in contract PDF documents. It abolishes the earlier outdated ways of having to print first before signing documents as well as filling in other important details. The internet contains a lot of pdf fillers and therefore one must know what is pdf filler. A good number of them do not work efficiently and may damage your documents. This article shows you how you can get the best out of the WPS office pdf filler and also tries to show you why it is the most important all-one-one PDF tool.

Why You Should Choose WPS Pdf Filler

To understand what is pdf filler, you need to experience the WPS pdf filler. The WPS PDF tool is the best software to use when filling your pdf forms due to the following reasons:

  • 1-Gives You a Quick Way to Fill Pdf Forms

The online WPS PDF tool will allow you to quickly fill out a pdf form and share it. Like other WPS PDF tools, it is easily accessible once you have an internet connection. The WPS office app is also available where you can fill the form offline again without wasting time. The app is a one-in-all pdf tool so you can be sure to get every pdf tool you want.

  • 2-It Is Available on All Devices and Platforms

Whether you are a Mac person, windows or android, you will be able to fill out your pdf form. WPS Office is available on all these platforms as a one-in-all pdf tool. Besides, as long as you can access the internet, then you can use the online WPS PDF tool to fill out your forms.

  • 3-Easy To Access Your Files

While many software may not allow you to get pdf files from certain sources, the WPS office allows you to get and fill your pdf form from many storages source without problems.

  • 4-Your Privacy Is Guaranteed

Using e-signatures on the WPS office one-in-all pdf tool is secure. Using other online pdf fillers may lead to the leaking of your signature. However, in WPS, your pdf file is normally deleted within an hour from the servers. Having a thorough knowledge of what is pdf filler and how each operates will help you avoid leaking your signature.

What Does a Pdf Filler Do?

So, what is pdf filler and what does it do? You need a pdf filler to:

  • Edit And Fill Pdf Files

Of course, the major work of a pdf filler is to help you fill out forms and do some edits if necessary. You have the opportunity to highlight, erase or type some text in the original pdf content to get a new document with everything you need.

  • Share The Edited Document

A good pdf filler should enable you to share your document instantly. The WPS PDF tool for filling forms helps you to easily share your pdf form via email, text message, and even share on your social media accounts.

  • Important In Online Payments and Data Collection

If you do business in which you sell commodities online, then you need to know what is pdf filler and have a good pdf filler like the WPS office. You will be able to easily create a fillable form and then link it to your payment system. Your customers will be able to give feedback once they can access the file.

How To Fill and Sign a Pdf in WPS Office

Using The Application


The WPS office application is a one-in-all pdf tool available on android, mac, or windows and has the fill and sign function in the tools. The steps to fill out and sign a pdf form are easy.

Step1: Open the WPS office and go to Tools.

Step2: select the fill and sign button and upload your pdf document.

Step3: fill out the required details as needed and sign at the end of the document.

Online Filling and Signing of Pdf Forms


You can also easily do the above process easily online through the WPS PDF tool that enables you to fill and sign the form. Simply visit the website, tap on the select pdf file button and proceed as with the WPS app.

To sign, you need to create your e-signature that will be used even in future pdf forms. After creating the signature, you can adjust it appropriately so that it is where it is supposed to be in the form. WPS pdf filler allows you to use any of the 3 types of signatures; those that are drawn, in text, or even an image

The pdf filler and other PDF tools are efficient and easy to use. Knowing what is pdf filler will help you fill forms faster. You can download the WPS office software at https://pdf.wps.com. It is the best all-in-one pdf tool for you to fill out forms.

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