What is PDF Signer and Reasons Why You Need it?

July 27, 2022 |

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What is PDF Signer and Reasons Why You Need it?
In this article, you will learn:
  1. Why You Need a Good Pdf Signer

  2. How Pdf Signers Work

  3. The WPS Pdf Signer

  4. Why You Should Choose WPS Pdf Signer

A pdf signer is important when it comes to signing pdf documents. Handwritten signatures are slowly being forgotten as everyone is embracing digital signatures. To facilitate this, a lot of pdfs signers’ software has come up. The signers come in all forms including some being offline as well as other operating purely online. Here is a quick review of what is pdf signer and the best WPS pdf tool you can use to sign your pdf files.

Why You Need a Good Pdf Signer

Signing a document is a way of acknowledging that indeed you have agreed to something or approved it. Handwritten signatures were once the most preferred but nowadays, more and more people are understanding what is pdf signer and approve of the digital signature. Therefore, having a great pdf signer ensures that the integrity and authenticity of the pdf free are secured.

You also need the pdf signer because pdf itself is a secure document compared to other file formats available. You will get a lot of pdf documents to sign because people trust them. It is therefore important that you are well prepared by having a read pdf signer like the WPS pdf tool.

Pdf documents can also be viewed and read via a wide variety of tools. Signing a pdf document and sharing it with people therefore will be the best option since a lot many people will be able to read the document. This depends on how whether they know what is pdf signer since they may also be required to sign.

You will also save a lot of time signing pdfs digitally using a pdf signer. You won’t need to meet in person for one to sign. Simply forward the document to them, let them use a good pdf signer, and resend the document to you for approval. A one-in-all pdf tool like WPS office lets you do all these functions simultaneously.

How Pdf Signers Work

There are different pdf signers but all of them have the same principle of operating. The signatures are more or less like handwritten ink signatures. The only difference is that they are more secure. Once you draw your signature in the provided space, the pdf reader you are using is counterchecked, and make sure that no other person has tampered with it. Getting to find out what is pdf signer and how it works will make you an r chance of interacting with more people easily.

The WPS Pdf Signer


WPS Office is a one-in-all pdf tool containing a signer as well as other tools. The signer helps you sign your pdf with ease and more efficiently. To sign a pdf document in the WPS office, follow the following steps:

Step1: open your WPS office and access the document you need to sign

Step2:at the top bar find the text tool and select fill form

Step3: fill in any important information and proceed to the part where you are supposed to sign

Step4: Tap on the signature sign present at the bottom right corner. Select the create signature option

Step5: proceed to draw your signature using your finger or stylus.


Step 6: move the signature to the required position on the page and click done at the top

Step7: save your document.

Why You Should Choose WPS Pdf Signer

  • 1-WPS pdf tools are the easiest to use

It is very easy and takes less time when you use the WPS signer.

  • 2-High-quality authentic signatures

The WPS pdf signer also ensures that your signature is as authentic as much as possible. This is particularly important because a few people still don’t trust digital signatures.

  • 3-It is available for free

WPS pdf signer is among the few WPS pdf tools that are free for you to use. Other such tools are expensive and not affordable.

  • 4-More secure

The WPS pdf signer ensures that your signature is well protected and that no one copies it to use it for other purposes.

  • 5-Readily available on any device

There is a WPS office for android, windows, Mac, and even Linux. Once you install the software on your device and have an understanding of what is pdf signer, you can start to use it immediately.

Download the amazing WPS office app or editor at https://pdf.wps.com and have an idea of what is pdf signer in the WPS office. Besides, you will access other WPS PDF tools for free.

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