What Is the Procedure to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

July 31, 2023495 views

The Portable Document Format is a file type that has all the characteristics of a printed document in an electronic image that can be viewed, navigated, copied, or forwarded to another person. On the other hand, a JPG file is used to store compressed digital image data.

JPG can be used for many things, such as blogs, social media, etc. Hence, there is an unprecedented preference for the image format. Additionally, creators convert their PDF files to JPG on their MACS to save time and provide a quick update to their fans. With the assistance of the WPS PDF tool, they can effectively convert PDF to JPG on Mac instantly and efficiently.

The blog post concentrates on the procedure to convert PDF to JPG on Mac using WPS; let’s take a look.

Quick steps to convert PDF to JPG on Mac

The online PDF to JPG tools are said to provide gibberish and poor layouts and graphics, leading to poor customer reviews. However, this is not the case with the WPS PDF tool. The tool has excellent features to convert PDF to JPG on Mac, and unlike other tools, the file size will not be an issue when you convert PDF to JPG on Mac. You may think it’s hard to download the WPS PDF tool to convert PDF to JPG on Mac, but it’s simple, and please go through the steps to download the WPS PDF tool.

Step 1: You are advised to download the WPS Office by going to the WPS Office site to convert PDF to JPG on Mac.

There’s always some worry that downloading software from the internet will harm your computer due to viruses. We can assure you that the site is 100% safe and does not download any viruses, and you can convert PDF to JPG without any crashes.

Step 2: After installing the application on your Mac, select the PDF document that needs to be converted to a JPG before beginning the conversion.

The advanced PDF tool also helps you edit your PDF document with many features. If you feel something is missing in the pdf file and you want it to appear in your jpg file, you can add the important things before you start to convert PDF to JPG on Mac.

Step 3: When you open the PDF file, you can see on the top left of your screen an option called "PDF to Picture." You must click on the option.

Step 4: After selecting the choice, a window labelled "Export to Picture" with various options to convert PDF to JPG on Mac appears. Either a page or a long image can be exported. Look at the picture below for a quick explanation:

Step 5: You can include a watermark after the prior step before you convert PDF to JPG on Mac. A logo, piece of text, or pattern that has been purposefully imposed over another picture is known as a watermark. Its goal is to make copying or using the original picture more difficult without permission.

Although the "no watermark" and "custom" options are amazing, you must pay a fee. This is in contrast to the default option, which is free.

Step 6: Many choices, including JPG, BMP, and many others, are available under the format option. To convert PDF to JPG, It is suggested that you select JPG. For complex images without writing, the JPG format works best. JPG files automatically speed up download times by removing particular parts of images.

Step 7: After finishing the final step, you can assess the JPG file's quality. Various choices are available, including Normal (100%), Standard (200%), High (300%), and Best (600%).

The normal form is free, but the standard, high, and best-quality versions of your JPG file on your Mac have a price. The standard, high, and best jpg formats will give you high-resolution picture quality and have more pixels than usual. Choose your preferred quality before you convert PDF to JPG on Mac.

Step 8: After selecting your JPG resolution, you must select your "export path."

On the other hand, To convert PDF to JPG on Mac using amazing features, you must select "free trial" if you want to use all of the premium functions for seven days. All the elements, including high quality, watermark, etc., are available for use.

Step 9: After selecting your preferences, hit the export button on your right. It will be exported to the file path of your choice in seconds. The PDF to JPG conversion is complete once you export your picture.

Step 10: After exporting your picture, open the file path to locate the JPG file. Below, you can see a picture of the converted JPG file, which exhibits all the characteristics of a JPG file.

Benefits of Using the WPS Tool to Convert PDF to JPG

In the current social media era, creators and influencers must post photos on their social media handles. The main usage of the JPG format is to illustrate the main topic, and human psychology tends more towards the JPG format due to the visual arts and creativity.

However, due to their busy schedules, creators look for an instant option to convert PDF files to JPG format on Mac.

There are many converters, but they lack exceptional features like those in the WPS PDF to JPG tool. With the aid of the tool, when you convert PDF to JPG on Mac, you will certainly preserve the actual quality, and your data will be immediately deleted after an hour and won't be shared with any third parties.

Teachers frequently use the jpg file format in their presentations because it makes the text easier to identify and remember. However, using other tools, the JPG format's poor resolution and layout would result in subpar display results. The WPS PDF tool, however, will give you the best layout and excellent picture scaling. This tool's great feature guarantees that it will efficiently convert PDF to JPG on Mac.

Why Do You Use the WPS Tool to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac?

The most advanced PDF tool is the WPS PDF tool, which helps to convert PDF to JPG on Mac.The tool is renowned for its never-before-seen features, including maintaining originality, boosting resolution, etc.

Prioritise downloading WPS Office to convert PDF to JPG on Mac with beautiful layouts and clear images. Further, there will not be any charges to obtain the tool. However, using the premium functions requires a small fee.

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