Why Should You Annotate PDF and Watermark PDF at Present?

July 31, 2023728 views

What do you mean by annotate PDF?

We require annotations in PDFs since it is not possible to edit the document format easily for making the text clearer. PDF files are known to support various types of annotation such as marking text, sticky notes, adding absolutely new text, and so on.

Why make use of annotate PDF?


While writing any draft, you will not prefer the idea of any other person to edit its contents freely. In case you save a PDF document, it will make it possible for others to read the document without editing it. However, it will be possible for them to add annotations in case they want to change the contents of the document. Enhancing readability

It will be possible for you to use the latest annotations while looking at an electronic document so that it becomes simpler to go through it. One can perform this in various ways, for example, using an underline having a pop-up.

2-Maintaining notes

It is a fact that you will find annotations to be very useful while dealing with online complicated documents like technical specifications. You can use annotations for monitoring where portions of the technical specification have been implemented.

Who makes use of annotate PDF tools?

These free tools might be used by some individuals such as students who like to mark some portions of the text as important. Moreover, there are some business professionals who want to highlight some parts of the text as well so that they become easily readable by their employees.

What is a watermark PDF?

A watermark in PDF can be considered to be an image or text appearing either at the back or in the front of document content.

Why will it be a good idea to watermark your PDF?

1-For making the file more secure

Although it might be possible to secure a PDF file with a password, it is possible to unlock the password as well. However, watermarking the PDF document will make it more secure in the long run.


2-It is tough to miss watermarks

Although it might not be possible for some people to notice some portions of the main text of the document, it will be possible to notice a watermark instantly. The reason for this is that watermarks are quite big that will occupy a significant portion of the PDF file.

The good thing is that these free online tools can be used easily on any computer or mobile gadget.

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