How to Install and Use WPS PDF Extension Converter for Chrome

WPS Office Suite is an all-in-one solution for Word, PDF, and Excel spreadsheets. Although it comes with cloud storage service, text templates, conversion tools, etc. Recently, it launched its PDF extension reader for chrome which is in great demand for its universal uses like you can read your PDF using this extension and at the same time edit and organize them in a handy way. All of these features are applicable for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users. Utilizing this PDF extension reader for chrome you can manage your PDF by adding signatures, templates, and input information inside a PDF file to organize. I can not name any file format which is not supported in the WPS Office software. These facilities provide you with access to your office and financial business documents within seconds. While working with my PDF documents I always prefer using the WPS PDF extension reader for chrome. Try it you won’t regret it!

How to Install and Use WPS PDF Extension Converter for Chrome

In the following, I am sharing with you how to install and use the WPS PDF extension converter for chrome. Follow the steps below-


First, click the following link to go directly to the webpage to install the “WPS PDF extension” in your chrome browser.

If you are an android user and you want to use this extension on your mobile then you can click the link below.

After opening the webpage in your chrome browser press the “Add to Chrome” option.


Now, a confirmation box will ask for your permission. Just press the “Add Extension” option.


Hence, go to the “Menu” icon in your chrome browser and from there choose the “Extensions” option from the “More Tools” drop-down list.


As you can see we have finally installed the WPS PDF extension in our chrome browser.


While sometimes you won’t be able to see the extension in your browser. To view the extension properly simply click the “Extension” icon and press the “Pin” option for your desired tool.

Through this, you will be able to view your extension in your browser's top ribbon.


Finally, open any PDF file with this WPS PDF extension reader and enjoy.



WPS Office is the best tool for your regular document-based work. In Microsoft Office, you can open your Word and Excel files. But using the WPS Office app you not only get the service for opening your word, excel files but also you can convert and edit any type of document anywhere you want while in offline mode. Just click the below link and download it right now to make your work easy. In the below link I have shared the free 2022 version. Enjoy!

In this article, I have tried to explain the PDF extension reader for chrome in a simple way. Hope you liked the article. Last but not least don’t forget to download the free trial version of WPS Office software. Thanks!

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