WPS PDF VS ilovePDF | Which one is better?

October 12, 2022 |

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WPS PDF VS ilovePDF | Which one is better?
In this article, you will learn:
  1. About iLovePDF

  2. WPS PDF

  3. Conclusion

You're using various file editing applications and tools, but you don't have a standard premium version to achieve the greatest results. Are you weary of spending hours editing and converting documents? Are you aware of the price of the pro version? Many great pro templates are available to you and are just waiting for you. With these templates, you may modify your creative work on business or school-related papers such as project plans, reports, analyses, courseware, research, and resumes.

In this blog, we will introduce the finest two PDF editors that offer the appropriate pro tools for you if you're on a tight budget and need an all-in-one premium program that can edit, change, compress, convert, annotate, and print PDF files.

About iLovePDF


iLovePDF Desktop is a free software/app that allows people and organizations to access, examine, generate, combine, divide, compress, and convert documents. Although the basic version of ilovepdf is free, the commercial edition with premium features requires a membership. However, you may try out these services for free. 

  1. The best feature of ilovepdf pro free trial is that it allows users to convert scanned PDF files into editable and picture formats by utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) technology. 

  2. iLovePDF pro free trial also has an API, which enables organizations to combine the system with a variety of third-party programs, like Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Analytics, and others. 

  3. Using the data repair tools, you may repair a broken PDF file and recover data from corrupted files.

ilovepdf Pricing

The iLovePDF software is completely free for basic PDF editing and commenting. However, its premium business features are not free. Ilovepdf price starts at $6.61/month and increases over time. Prices are:

  1. PDF Reader - Available FOR users, for free.

  2. PDF Tools and Reader: $6.61/month; $53.11/year

Features and Characteristics

  1. Synchronize the system data with several third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Analytics etc.

  2. Team Collaboration Tools.

  3. File Conversion, Compression and Export option.

  4. Many free Document Templates.

  5. Electronic Signature facility.

  6. Free document Encryption.

  7. Full Text Search.

  8. Merge/Split PDF Files.

  9. Offline Access to process documents.

  10. Optical Character Recognition.

  11. Quick PDF Reading.

  12. Watermarking to protect the document content.



WPS PDF app has been widely appreciated for its high compatibility, true synchronization, and feature high PDF editing in customizing your preferred designs on your project plans, resumes, reports, and courseware. WPS PDF supports all kinds of files and can fulfill your requirements without facing formatting problems. Reaching your will to work fully, WPS can help your work roll.

Features and Characteristics

  1. File Recovery options for compressed files.

  2. Search/Filter option.

  3. Eye-protection mode and dark mode for PDF reading

  4. Multi-tab reading and editing mode

  5. PDF viewer with Auto-rotation mode or horizontal mode

  6. View PDF documents in thumbnail mode

  7. Encrypt your PDF files with password protection

  8. Complete PDF editing

  9. PDFs may be merged, cropped, and divided.

  10. Collaboration of the Cloud Storage Team

  11. Compress file with maximum PDF quality

  12. Search for content in PDF documents

  13. Easily copy, annotate, bookmark, and share files

  14. Free PDF app download

  15. PDF printer allows you to easily print PDF files

  16. Free PDF viewer and editor

  17. Small wps app


WPS PDF Premium version starts from 18.99 dollars. Some prices are outlined below; $18.99 per one year $29.99 per one year.


Compared with iLovePDF, the WPS pro version has some converting tools, such as cloud storage and functions for organizing a PDF. However, iLovePDF lacks many editing tools, so it is inconvenient to use it. WPS has different versions for all operating systems such as iOS, Android OS and Windows and Macs. Furthermore, WPS PDF is a free PDF editing app but you may cost some money for the WPS pro version but the service will be accurate and worthy of business. Download and enjoy WPS 7-day free trial!

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