Free License Key on Giveaway of the Day for WPS Premium 2022

September 15, 2022 |

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Free License Key on Giveaway of the Day for WPS Premium 2022
In this article, you will learn:
  1. Where to find a Free Office suites - WPS Office?

  2. Features of WPS Premium

  3. How to get WPS Premium free license key on Giveaway of the Day?

  4. How to download WPS Office?

We all know that office software can help us to create documents to manage our work and business. However, Ms Office always cost a lot. Now you have a much better choice--WPS Office for free download. Trust me, WPS Office is the best alternative to Microsoft Office.

And if you want to edit PDF like word and experience more professional work, WPS Office Premium can offer you much more expert privileges without costing too much. Over 100000 professional free templates are waiting for you to meet your demands. Moreover, with WPS Office Premium, you can access up to 9 devices in sync and have 20GB of Cloud Storage. Right! No need to worry about files storage.

Where to find a Free Office suites - WPS Office?

As a one-stop-station software, WPS Office offers PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT files. You can view, edit, and convert PDF files on your devices to make your professional work faster and more efficient. It also provides thousands of AI-powered templates by categories to build your process in minutes. The powerful cloud storage and sharing functions can also give you much better office experience. Moreover, WPS Office supports 14 languages.

Now WPS Office provides such products and you can click them to get free download:

  • WPS Office for Windows
  • WPS Office for Mac
  • WPS Office for Android
  • WPS Office for iOS
  • WPS Office for Linux
  • WPS Office for Education
  • WPS Office for Business


Features of WPS Premium

WPS Premium provides more benefits in addition to WPS Standard features:

  • PDF editing
  • PDF Signature & Encryption
  • File format conversion
  • File Merging& Extraction
  • Page Management
  • File Recovery & Decompression
  • Image to Text (OCR)
  • One account with WPS Premium can be used on up to 9 devices at the same time (3 PCs and 6 mobiles)
  • No advertising
  • 20 GB of Cloud storage
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Unique Premium Badge
  • Bookmark Sharing
  • Price: $29.9/ year

With WPS Office Premium, you can edit PDF content and make a beautiful annotation. What's more, you can insert links, page numbers, comments and shapes in PDF files. Powerful PDF Tools with simple interface always make your work more convenient.


How to get WPS Premium free license key on Giveaway of the Day?

WPS Office has provided a lot of activities with WPS Office Premium Giveaway online for users. How lucky you are!! You can get free license key for WPS Premium on Giveaway of the Day soon!!

Giveaway of the Day will provide a 6-month free key for WPS Office Premium. Here is the detailed information of the free key license:

  • Product name: WPS Office Premium 2022
  • License type: 6 months
  • Platform: Windows
  • Giveaway link: WPS Office Premium Giveaway on Giveaway of the Day

Also, there are a lot of ways online to get some WPS Office coupon code and discount code to experience the WPS Office PRO. Just click here to get it!


Here is the steps to get WPS Premium free license key on Giveaway of the Day:

1-Go to the WPS Office Premium Giveaway on Giveaway of the Day.

2-Sign in with your email or sign in with Google account and then download WPS Office software on your computer and log in with the same account to get the free premium.


3-Congratulations on your 6-month WPS Premium! Now you can experience more convenient functions to help you work efficiently and easily.


  • Each person and each device will claim 6-Month WPS Premium once, which will take effect immediately.
  • The account signed in to the WPS Office for Windows must be the same as the account signed in on the event page.
  • The final interpretation right of the event belongs to WPS Office.

How to download WPS Office?


WPS Office has been downloaded over 1 billion times, and is used by over 500 million users worldwide. WPS Office must be one of the best office free download for you. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface can save you much more time. The software is also lightweight and does not take up much space on your devices. Additionally, it is compatible with most file formats, which makes it a versatile tool for both home and office users.

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Don’t you think WPS Office is the best office software now? Want to have a try? Now you can get free download to start your best office experience. And download now you can take free 7-day trial of WPS Premium!

Free download WPS Office Software for Windows with 7-day free trial right now!

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