How to Download an Article on PDF in Easy Steps

July 31, 2023316 views

PDF is designed to share computer documents online which can come in text formatting and online images that can be read, printed, and downloaded quickly.  We will be looking at some tips that will guide us on how to download an article as a PDF. You can present documents independent of operating systems and application software with PDF.

PDF is a versatile file format that presents an easy and reliable way to exchange and read documents online. It can be done for free with any software or operating system the users decide to use in viewing the document. You can easily view and edit PDFs, and you can also download articles as  PDF  files using the WPS office reader.

Advantages of  Using PDF Files

People's attention has shifted to the digital world, hence the increasing dependence on electronic documents. PDF reigns supreme among file formats. Below are some reasons why PDF files are rated among the best document types.

1. It is Secured

When you want to transfer information containing confidential data online, you can trust PDF to offer a secure transfer. You can encrypt your file and allow only authorized persons to gain access to the information you want to share.

2. A Wider Audience Can Access It

PDF files can be read and opened by anyone, notwithstanding the type of software installed on the computer. This feature makes it a perfect choice for sharing documents.

3.  They Take Up Less Space

They occupy smaller spaces than their file formats and are smaller in document size. PDF files can be compressed and sent electronically without consuming much space.

Tips on How to Download an Article on PDF

Listed below are tips on how to download an article on PDF:

1. Download a PDF Reader

A PDF reader must be installed on your phone or system to read a PDF document when you download one. The WPS office reader allows you to access your PDF files with ease.

2. Locate the PDF Article You Want to Download

It would be best if you choose from the website browser to search for the PDF file you want to download. The PDF file must display a full screen as part of its page, not part of another page.

3. Right-Click Inside the PDF Document

When you right-click on the document, a pop-up menu is displayed. Different options are displayed depending on the browser you decide to use. The save icon for Google Chrome is a line with an arrow pointing downwards. Some other browsers may have an icon resembling a floppy disk or a page with an arrow inside.

4.  Click Save As

When you right-click inside the file, a pop-up menu opens a file browser you can use to select and save files. For websites with links to downloadable PDF files, click on the link and select where you want to download the file, then save.

5. Select the Location Where Your File Should Be Saved

To select a location, click on the quick-access folders on the left-hand side of the browser. With the file browser, navigate where you want to save your PDF.


Where Do I Find My Previous PDF Downloads?

You can find your saved PDF downloads on the search page. You can also find these downloads in a folder titled "PDF Download."

How Do I Download PDF From Link?

The first step is to tap on the link and open the PDF file on your browser.  You can also access the toolbar when the PDF file is opened on the upper hand of your screen, where you will find an icon to download the PDF file. If no icon is available, right-click on the browser and save the PDF through the option of "Save Page as " or " Save as."

Can I Download the WPS PDF for Free on Android?

Yes, all you have to do is to go to google and type WPS PDF, then click on the search button, and a page will open up for you to download and install the WPS office. With the WPS PDF, you can edit, view and convert files.

Learn More About How to Download an Article on PDF

With the WPS office reader, you can open and read PDF articles. This reader has impressive features like a file converter and allows you to share, save and edit files. You can download it now to enjoy a free trial. When you upgrade to the pro version, you enjoy the full potential of the WPS office reader. To enjoy this fantastic offer, take action now!

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