How to Free Remove Watermark from PDF

July 31, 20231.0K views

Adobe Inc. invented and popularized the PDF, a flexible document file format. They are two of the most extensively used document formats, along with Microsoft Word. You can accomplish a lot with PDFs if you have the correct tools. Among other things, you can combine, convert, compress, resize, trim, split, rotate, and (un)lock PDFs. The best part is that you can do all of these for nothing. First, we'll provide two free ways to remove the watermark from a PDF. You must convert PDF to Word for both options before removing the watermark from Word. EasePDF's online PDF to Word converter or Word itself are both options.

Steps to Free Remove Watermark from PDF

Every PDF user can convert, edit, create, watermark, merge, and compress PDFs using the free EasePDF web platform. You can use EasePDF on any device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, because it is cross-platform compatible. Users can convert and modify PDFs using an open-source service provided by EasePDF. The first step in removing the watermark from a PDF is to convert the file to Word using EasePDF. This is the best way to carry out the other steps.

Step 1. 

Upload a PDF to Word with EasePDF. As previously noted, you must change the PDF into a Word document in order to remove the watermark. Consequently, you must access "PDF to Word" from the EasePDF webpage. The PDF file can then be uploaded to the converter by clicking the "Add File(s)" icon.


Step 2. 

Download and convert a PDF file. A "Convert" icon to convert the PDF to Word will show after the PDF file has been uploaded. When the "Download" button appears, click it to save the converted Word file to your device.


Step 3. 

Delete the watermark. When you got the Word document, open it using a word processing program like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Google Docs, WPS, etc. You can delete the watermark by clicking directly on it and pressing the "Delete" key on your keyboard.


If there are watermarks on every page, just go to "Design" > "Watermark" > "Remove Watermark". For Word 2007 or 2010, choose "Page Layout" > "Watermark" > "Remove Watermark".



You can go ahead and remove the watermarks from your PDFs if you no longer require them now that you know how to do so for free online using WPS Office. However, be careful not to violate anyone's copyright, and make sure you only remove watermarks from PDFs that you either developed yourself or have permission to change.

Downloading WPS Office gives you access to a wide range of PDF editing features, including the ability to add and remove watermarks. On a Windows or Mac computer, you can edit PDF files with WPS Office.

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