How to Import PDF into Keynote on MAC

July 31, 20231.7K views

For Mac users, Keynote is one of the most amazing and useful presentation apps that has ever been designed. It can help you produce a more attractive and vivid presentation that will keep your audience’s attention. However, many documents are kept in PDF format. Therefore, you will need to convert PDF to Keynote. There are some easy and safe methods of converting your PDF file into Keynote.

Method 1

Step 1. Free download the PDF to Keynote converter, install and launch it.


Step 2. Click the "File" menu and select "Open..." to upload PDF.


Notes: If nothing happens even if you have launched the program, right click on the PDF file that you want to convert to Keynote, then choose to open with “PDF to Keynote”.

Step 3. Go to "File">"Save To...", then select "Keynote" >"Save" to convert PDF to Keynote format.


Method 2: How to Import PDF into Keynote Online

Though there are quite few online PDF to Keynote converters available to perform such a conversion, we still have the choice, which is offered by CleverPDF.

CleverPDF PDF to Keynote is an online PDF to Keynote converter allowing users to save PDF as editable keynote for 100% free. With 3 process, uploading, verifying and download, you will get the Keynote output effortlessly.  Another great benefit of using online PDF to Keynote converter is, users can perform the conversion even on their iPad.


  • Free
  • Convert PDF to Editable Keynote


  • Takes time to upload (my 4.4MB file takes about 2 minutes)
  • Punctuations, fonts, formatting are not highly preserved as original
  • Need manually adjust the conversion errors (words are not recognized correctly)
  • Potential risk of information leakage

Method 3: Import PDF into Keynote

If you are not ready for installing extra PDF to Keynote converter on your Mac, you can utilize Keynote app to convert a PDF to keynote and save as presentation. However, you can only insert PDF as image into Keynote, you cannot edit the embedded PDF image in Keynote.

Step 1. Launch Keynote application by opening an existing Keynote file on your Mac or iPad.

Step 2. Click “Add Slide” to create a new Keynote page.

Step 3. Go to Insert>Choose and import the PDF you want to save as Keynote.


Step 4. Once uploaded, edit as needed, then go to File>Save to convert PDF to Keynote.


Today, though cost is still taken into considerations when users pick a program to boost their productivity on work, users are more open to paid dedicated ones that can greatly save their time and efforts. Regarding import PDF into Keynote, a great part of users prefer to WPS Office to import PDF into keynote. Which is highly recommended tool and very easy to use.

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