How To Remove Password From Pdf | 3 Easy Methods

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Concerning information security, it is common for PDF files to be password-encrypted, which prevents them from being opened, edited, and printed without a proper authorization. Moreover, encrypted PDFs need the password to enter each time if you want to view the document. That might seem like a hectic way to get around? But don't worry, you can remove the password  with a PDF editor like WPS PDF to save yourself some inconvenience. However, it is only possible when you've already known the password.

If you don't know the file opening password, you cannot remove the file security unless using an illegal password remover. Unfortunately and honestly, there is no easy way to remove a password if you don’t know it. However, you can only do this by opening it and printing it to a new PDF. So forth, your system will create a duplicate copy of the encrypted PDF, and that copy won’t have a password.

Again it should be noted here that unlocking a protected PDF file is illegal and unlawful without getting authorization from the owner of that file.

In this article, we'll cover three legal and efficient solutions for how to remove passwords from a PDF file. Among them, WPS PDF Editor is the most recommended solution.

1. How To Remove Password From PDF Using WPS Office

You cannot unlock a PDF without having an open password. First you have to open the PDF file (by entering the password) in WPS Office, then follow the steps below to remove its security from the encryption tab.

  • Open the password encrypted PDF file in WPS Office. 

  • From the Protect tab, click on the “Encrypt” button.

  • In the pop-up dialog box, uncheck the options of Set password of editing and extracting if any.

  • Click on the “Confirm” button and your password will be removed quickly.

2. How To Remove Password From PDF Using Chrome Printing

This is the most important and well known method to learn how to remove a password from PDF files without a software. This method will only work if the PDF has no printing restriction. Many PDF files, on the other hand, are just password-protected to enable encryption and may be printed normally after the password is entered. There are a few ways to do this If you have Google Chrome.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer. Drag and drop the password-protected file into Chrome to open it. 

  • Click on the Print option in Chrome to print the password-protected PDF file to an unlocked PDF.

  • You can save this PDF file (without password protection) by clicking on the Save button. And your file will be saved in your local directory.

3. Remove Password from PDF Without Knowing The Password

  • Open your password-protected PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

  • Click on the File  option,then Properties, or you can click on the Permission Details in the left panel.

  • From the Security tab, select No Security from the drop down menu of the Security Method option to remove the password.

  • Then you can save the PDF file as password free by clicking ok.

If this method won't work, use an online password remover.

4. Remove Password from PDF Using Preview App on Mac

You can use the Preview app on Mac to disable PDF passwords.

  • Launch Preview app and type the password for the password-protected PDF document. 

  • Now, go to File, the “export”, then export as and uncheck the encrypt option to save the file in PDF format without a password.

The Best Solution To Remove Password From a PDF

To make it convenient to open and utilize PDF files, you can remove the password from them only if you know the password to your protected PDF. With WPS PDF Editor, Adobe Acrobat DC and almost every app that can read PDF format, you can remove the security from a PDF file, and save it. You can also open the PDF in the browser that displays PDFs and then print it as a new PDF file to remove the password disruption. This article illustrated all these possibilities with stepwise procedure to remove the password from a PDF. WPS PDF Editor is best and quick among all and free to utilize.


How to Remove Password Protection from PDF?

Open the password encrypted PDF file in WPS Office. From the Protect tab, click on the “Encrypt” button. From the pop-up dialog box, uncheck the options of Set password of editing and extracting if any.

How to remove Password Security from PDF?

From File Properties, open Permission Details options. Then choose Security>No Security.

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